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Hello! When I Upload a jpg file the download is jpg. But when I upload many jpg files the download file is a zip file. Is it possible to have the download like the upload that you download many jpgs insted of one zip file.

Currently multiple files will be zipped up in a package. It is not possible to initiate multiple downloads at once.

Pre Sales: (1) Can I use a thumbnail of a featured image to show in place of the icon in the file center. (2) Can I make the file center to show the downloadable files in a grid format of columns and rows? (3) Does the plugin support pagination for files in the file center after a certain limit. Thank you

1) Currently not possible 2) Currently files are already displayed in a grid by default. 3) Currently no.

Hello This is what happens when I install onyx files https://s18.postimg.org/uf3smxq6h/image.jpg , then add and add id https://s17.postimg.org/fwnah83wf/image.jpg https://s18.postimg.org/gk5i4gvrd/image.jpg. How to fix it.

thank you

On my website, below the footer area, is just showing the message ” download file” statistics do not appear

Please message me your site along with admin login so I may take a closer look. Thank you!

I posted. thank.

I followed your documentation but get an ERROR with “Facebook share” not a valid URL? In the Download for Facebook share is an valid URL? Please Help – Martin

Please message me your site along with admin login so I may take a look. Thank you!

I sent you the information via envato… or do you have an email for me?

I’ve responded. Please check your inbox. Thank you!


i talked to you some months ago regarding a problem with the plugin. The integration with Facebook doesn’t work. When a user likes our fan page through the plugin, he can download the file but we don’t gain a new fan in Facebook. The API connection is correctly set but this feature doesn’t work.

How can we solve it?

Thank you so much,

Please message message me your site along with admin login and an example so I can take a closer look. Thank you!

How can I send you a private message?

Please fill out this form for the latest support https://codecanyon.net/user/jaskokoyn#contact

The download is not working on my site or mobile device with your plugin. This is what my hosting provider has recommended: After review, no errors are produced within the site error_log or the Apache error_log. With that said, reviewing the page and using Firefox’s Web console, I can see that there is a code error within the “download.js” javascript:

TypeError: $(...).modal is not a function

As this is a code issue and not a server issue, you’ll need to speak to the developer regarding this issue

Sure, thanks for renewing. Please message me your site along with admin login so I can take a closer look. Thank you

Send it where? I’m not going to post it here…. _

Hello we need technical assistance on your Onyx File wordpress plugin, it works badly. Ou purchase code ef032180-1bf5-4201-887f-1825020ef651 Thank you

Please message me your site along with admin login so I may take a look. Thank you!

Hi, there is a footer area created by plugin. http://www.hivedns.it/

How can I fix this bug?

The bootstrap is actived.

Please message me your site along with admin login so I can take a closer look. Thank you!

Ok. Where can I send you admin login credentials?

Please fill out the form here to message me the credentials Thank you! https://codecanyon.net/user/jaskokoyn#contact

I am using the email unlock option, how do I disable the “submit & download file” button after it has been clicked once. Thank you.

Please message me your site along with admin login and an example so I may take a look. Thank you!

Hello! Just now purchase a wp plugin… A bit not what I am looking for… Ok, I have a question….. Files for a download placed on a link like this: http://my-site/of_files/..myfile... I guess with a some time Google will scrape all my downloads.. and then anyone can steal my downloads Your search – site:my-site/of_files/ did not match any documents. – therefore its not a time for search index update… But if after some time my download link will be available on Google.. I’ll ask a moneyback….. Thanks in advice.

How to make a MONEYBACK? Thanks and have a nice day!

Waiting my moneyback! If not, I’ll open claim on paypal!

Currently envato handles all transactions. Please contact them for a refund. Thank you!

Hi… I am using “facebook share” as unlook mechanism but if you click to share and close the popup without sharing it still unlooks the download… is their a setting I missed?

many thx – Martin

This behavior is intentional. Social platforms disallow incentivize content. You can read up on it here https://developers.facebook.com/policy/ Section 4 No. 15. Instead, sharing is suggested first before downloading. The user can’t be forced to share before downloading.

Hi, I’ve already bought your plugin… I have two questions:

1.) I changed the button color, but at the popup for a download the button ist still turquoise – how to change it???? 2.) The same with the text “Download Files” – how to change? It’s in english and I need to change it to german…

Thx and bests

Please contact Envato about messages being sent to your inbox. They will be able to assist you in this matter.


mirkorau Purchased

Hi, when I can’t change the colors the plugin is useless for me. How does it work with the refund?

Unfortunately a refund can not be provided at this time.

I was testing demos you are using slug of_files. This is not looking good you it should be change like “download” or “item” just like other wordpress plugins like Wordpress Download Manager and Easy Digital Downloads. These plusing are also giving option to chage this slug as like your product.


jerryscr Purchased

Greetings, thanks for your work I have a compatibility problem Buy two plugin yours and a quye is called userpro It only works for me if I deactivate Onyxfile Otherwise it generates a conflict and disables the functions of Userpro Talk to the creators of Userpro and tell me that it is with you that I have to speak to help me solve the problem and solve the problem so that these two plugins are compatible

Please message me your site along with admin login so I can take a closer look. Thank you!


jerryscr Purchased

saludos gracias por tu trabajo tengo un problema de compatibilidad compre dos plugin el tuyo y una quye se llama userpro per solo me funciona si desactivo Onyxfile delo contrario se genera un conflicto y desabilita las funciones de Userpro hable con los creadores de Userpro y me indican que es con ustedes que tengo que hablar para que me ayuden a resolver el confilcto y solucionar el problema para que estos dos plugin sean compatibles


pre-sales-question: is it compatible with WP4.7? Here on the sales-page the highest version seems to be 4.6.1

Thanks in advance!

Yes, this plugin is compatible with WordPress 4.7


baloo13 Purchased


Just bought the plugin. Its very simple and great but i have 2 problems with the download box.

1) The box won’t close after downloading the file. 2) The alignment of the text input for the password is kind of to the bottom, i can’t see what i m typing.

Please message me your site along with admin login and examples so I can take a closer look. Thank you!