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AskaX Purchased

Hi I want to change Client to branch, where can I Change it? Thx


I recommend that you use a language file to change all the strings related to client to branch.

Please see the documentation on how to translate/use language files.

Hi! First off all, I have to say that this systems it’s great! and solve me a lot of things!.

I want to list all issues in a single board (not separed by projects). Where can I change it? Thank you!


Thank You

Are you referring to issues on a project’s page?

Yes, I want to make a single KanBan board with all the issues in the systems and other that join all Clients issues. If you guide me on where you code the kanban board that “filter” by projects, I can figure out how to make the others. Thanks in advance.


Please send a message through my user profile page, this way I can have your email address and I will be able to send you code examples.


genloc Purchased

Hello, if i upload a file in the ticket system oder send by mail, the attachment is only visible in the system (website) itself. It’s possible to get them by mail? I would like, that the customer not need to login in the website. maybe in next versions. thanks and regards genloc

Hello genloc,

This is in the road map for the next version.


genloc Purchased

Thanks for your quick reply!

Hi I havent updated to the latest version yet. Will do this week. However I can’t seem to allow users to view their own credentials for their company. Is this a bug or do I need to do something more. I’ve already added their permission to allow them to see credentials but nothing shows. Thanks


If the view credentials permission is granted users ca see the credential on asset’s page.

Hi I havent updated to the latest version yet. Will do this week. However I can’t seem to allow users to view their own credentials for their company. Is this a bug or do I need to do something more. I’ve already added their permission to allow them to see credentials but nothing shows. Thanks

Are you going to do a workout for the device specifications?

Adding the FusionInventory agent will be nice for us.

Hello aerdogan,

I can confirm that device specifications will be added but unfortunately I cannot give you a date for now.


Pre-purchase question. 1. It is possible to add a category for inventory pie chart which could specify the assets status, like if its active, for upgrade, inactive, etc.. 2. Do you have a documentation how to use the project management? 3. It is possible to specify also how many assets were used or unused on this project? 4. It is possible to add another category on which area or department the assets where installed or used?



Currently there is no chart for asset status. There is a small documentation included with onTrack. Projects are very easy to use but you can only assign assets to a client or a user.

You can add as many asset categories, license categories, status labels as you like.

Please see the demo at it is fully functional except a few restrictions.

Hello Codeiner Where can we have the list of variables that can be used in email notifications?


Here are the variables that can be used:

Ticket User {ticketid}’, ‘{status}’, ‘{subject}’, ‘{contact}’, ‘{message}’, ‘{company}’, ‘{appurl}

Ticket Staff ticketid}’, ‘{status}’, ‘{subject}’, ‘{message}’, ‘{company}’, ‘{appurl}

new User {contact}’, ‘{email}’, ‘{password}’, ‘{company}’, ‘{appurl}

Password Reset {contact}’, ‘{resetlink}’, ‘{company}’, ‘{appurl}

Monitoring Email {hostinfo}’, ‘{status}’, ‘{contact}’, ‘{company}’, ‘{appurl}

Hello In emails sent to the Staff it was important to have a variable to identify the customer, to know who created the ticket. Can you implement?

Best Regards


The fix was sent via email 1-2 weeks ago, can you please let me know if it;s ok.

Hi we’ve used onTrack for about 6 months now. I have a couple suggestions that would be very helpful. Can you add the ability to track hours at the ticket level? Also can you add the ability to convert a ticket / move a ticket into a project so it can be tracked there? Either one of those would be extremely helpful. We have certain clients that pay by the hour, so we need to track those tickets while other clients pay a bulk service fee.

Hello virteom,

Thank you for your feedback. I have added your requests to my to-do list and will be available in a future version.

Other improvements will also be added to the Projects section.

Thank You

How can I check the different port numbers on the ip

I can not reach any port except 80 port


I believe your hosting provider is blocking outgoing connections on other ports, please contact your hosting provider and find out if this is the case.


Is there any chance on a future release to make the form from Add New (Issue/Ticket) responsive? At this time, those are not responsive and it’s kind of a hard thing to do when trying to open a new issue from the smartphone….


Hello magbross,

Thank You for your feedback I have added this to my to do list and will be fixed in the next version.

the translation dies not work i translatet it with poet and copy the mo file in that folder…. i changed to german but nothing happens…

I exactly have done this. But the language doesn’t change.

Where can I manually Change this?


On the top right corner click on your user name and the Profile, edit your language here. You can also go to People > Staff and edit your profile here.

Adding a new language will not change the current language for users. Setting the default language in settings will be used for newly created staff/user accounts.

What’s the difference between a ticket and an issue ?


Tickets represent support requests from your users, issues can be maintenance tasks that you regularly perform, or tasks in a project.

You can also use Issues if a support request is more complex and requires additional tasks.

Hi, would it be possible to “disable” some menu items from admin side like. No access to Projects if we don’t use that section etc or does this have to be removed from a code level.

Yes, you can do this by disabling permissions on the user/staff account role.

This is a great little “application” and has almost everything I need – but for an event reminder. It would be great to assign a reminder and notification of when assets are due for preventive maintenance and software renewal dates. Being able to add a single reminder date and Monthly, Quarterly, Annually (customable the reminder schedule list) by a chosen date would be most helpful.

Wondering if there is a way to add a User column when looking at Client Assets – so you don’t have to open the asset summary to find the user? If not then this would be feature request. More info on users would be great too, ie. office phone number, extension, cell phone etc.

And as ivandgreat asked/suggested, an at-a-glace “Asset Status” chart would be helpful too.

I 2nd pixelforce in this one, event notification upon due to expiring licenses would be a great addition.

Also is there a framework behind this such as CodeIgnitor etc?



Thank You for your feedback. there is no framework behind, small PHP classes like Medoo, PHP mailer, etc are used.

Hi buddy, awesome work…

I’ve working on some tool similar with AdminLTE theme and CodeIgniter framework, I see your tool too late… could save a lot of work…

Congrats !!!

Thank You

HI, What framework is this built on ?


onTrack is not based on any framework, it is custom build.