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My apologies for so many questions ! I do have a further request. With regards to departments there is no way to limit access to them. So say i have three departments – IT, HR and Facilities and staff that manage the tickets in each department. If i wanted IT to have access to all tickets and then HR only access to HR department, Facilities access to only facilities tickets there is no way to be able to do this.

Would it be possible to add this option or point me as to how you can do this if this feature already exists?

My reason for wanting this option is so that if you have any tickets which are sensitive logged to a HR or facilities department then only staff who have access to those departments can view them.

It also stops staff from accidentally deleting or updating tickets and increases the privacy of departments who house sensitive data.

Having granular control at the department level and at the client level (as mentioned in my previous comment) would help with privacy and security as we could grant third party access to the ticketing system but only to the areas needed such as to one client and one departments data.

So a clients finance department could just have access to finance tickets, assets etc related to that client/dept.

This would be useful if a third party wanted to conduct audits, monitor the status of tickets, check what assets they had, if a third party wanted to conduct an audit on their IT licences (we just grant them access and they can do it without us having to create tons of reports), there would be endless situations where this could be useful.

For me i have a couple of clients that do use their own ticketing system, and yours is perfect with the all in one asset and licences and project management, its juts i would only want that one client to access data relating to that client only, so keeping client data separate and even departments within each client separate so if different departments are working on projects then data sharing is limited and protected.

Another use of restricting access to a clent/department level is if an account gets breached. If a staff account gets breached then they only have access to that client/departments and not everything, i know breaches are rare but it would be good to limit exposure.

Thanks for listening and my apologies for the long posts !


As mentioned restricting staff accounts to specific clients/departments will be added but I do not have an ETA yet. Meanwhile use the existing restrictions in People > Roles to prevent certain staff roles from editing or deleting stuff from onTrack.


I am still running on version 1.7 and i have not update because i made a lot of modifications to suit my needs and i am afraid that if i update it will overwrite the modifications that i did.

I am aware that the new version now has the reports for tickets functionality. Can you please assist by sending me the code under the page template/pages/reports/view.html which you added for the reports for tickets.

Thank you


Please send a support request at the page below and include your license code.

I am wanting to have users sign up and create their own organizations with users within them. I want it to operate much like a sass. But for local use.


onTrack is deigned for IT firms and IT professionals which maintain networks for clients or own network.

There is no SaaS functionality.

Thank You