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Can this script use a image file as a watermark?

Yes, this is possible since the last update.
The supported file types for this image water mark are
  • png
  • gif (static, not a movie)
  • jpg
  • bmp

What font types are supported?

At the moment the following font formats are supported:
  • ttf
  • oft

What happens when I add a new image to the directory?
Do I need to run any update script when I do this?

You don’t need to do anything.
The script will add a new watermark to the image automatically.

Are the images cached by default?

Normally the images don’t get cached. If you want them to get cached you can do this by adding following line in the htaccess file that comes with my watermark script. Header set Cache-Control “max-age=29030400, public” (29030400 is 1 year) The reason why I didn’t add this by default is because this line requires to have the header mod enabled on your Apache server. Which isn’t enabled by default.

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