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This is an upgrade of any wallet which I purchased and is great code. I Would love to see a version not tab bar based. So it’s more easy to integrate.

OK. I will update it again as soon as possible.

Thank you so much.

Which kind of based that you implement?, Storyboard or .xib based?

Nice work, GLWS! :)

Thank you so much

Why do we need this data online via Internet, i mean can’t this be done just offline ?

It can, but not in this item. It’s available on AnyWallet.


Check this product.

Thank you.

Does this come with a web based service that it integrates with? What is it written in? Can you provide more details here?

There is no web based service that I implement it by myself, but I use the Parse framework that connect to cloud database. You can go to www.parse.com then create your account and create the database that I provide to you in the ReadMe.pdf then you can see the data that the application connect.

Thank you.

Hello, very nice app! any option to add export lists function?

so, I need a parse account to run this app?

Sorry for late reply. I just back from my vacation.

You can register by your own and create the database that I define in readme file or you want me to create account for you, please give me your email.

Thank you so much.

Hi, does this have the capability to support ads in it?


I didn’t provide the method for support this feature yet.


After I archive the app and validate it, I get this error

“Found an unexpected Mach-O header code: 1918975009”

how i can solve this issue??

ok, i fix it

do u provide customization or add features

do u provide customization or add features

Any possibility to make an android version ?

Hi why is it users access denied when adding photo from album

Hi Facebook shutting down Parse, so how can we host the backend?

Got an email from parse.com before 2 days that they are shutting down there service and we would need to migrate our service elsewhere, will you be providing an update to fix this issue because its closing date is set for the end of January 2017. Thanks!

Hi does this means we can upload our app with Parse backend first and wait for your updates? OR should I wait for your updates before publishing the app? Because I have to pay someone to create Parse and publish for me… I’m not a programmer. Please advise should I wait or publish now? Thanks

No reply? No support?

any news on update for parse backend

pls remove parse and i will purchase it

I want to buy this app but would like to know the no of users it supports


Will you release Android Ver.?