Onlinetrader - Forex Signal Service and Investment Management Solution

Onlinetrader - Forex Signal Service and Investment Management Solution

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In less than 20 minutes, Onlinetrader will help you to create and launch your own self hosted

Investment management website
Signal providing website
Forex education/mentorship website
MAM website that let your followers to copy your trades to their metatrader account.

Choose how you want to use Onlinetrader by enabling the features or modules that you need and disabling what you don’t need.

Onlinetrader is a full responsive & dynamic system built with Laravel Framework.

NB: MT copier API cost $7.99/month/account

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ALERT!!! Beware of promoters of pirated & malicious scripts as they may have backdoors or cause harm to your business in different ways. We will not provide support or be held responsible for any inconveniences or damage incurred from using such scripts. This is our only sales page, be guided.

Dear customer, we highly recommend reading our customers protection page for recommended practices and our Disclaimer page.

Note that some features has been disabled on demo

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User login
Password: test1234

Admin login
Super admin email:
Password: test1234

Our guarantee

  • Patch and fix any bugs or broken content
  • Answer any questions you may have
  • Help get you setup and installed!
  • Provide excellent support with a fast response rate

You can easily use our system with your preferred wordpress frontend: We can help with the connection.

OnlineTrader5 – Simple yet a powerful solution.

Key features
=> Signal providing module – free addon
=> Membership module to educate your clients or sell courses – free addon
=> MAM module – Web based tradecopier included (MT copier API costs $7.99/month/account)
=> Flexible investment management system
=> Crypto swapping module
=> Automated and dynamic ROI (Return on investment topup)
=> Email notification on registration, when ROI drops and at the end of investment circle.
=> Beautiful default email template for all notifications
=> CRM on admin end
=> Admin roles
=> User to user wallet transfer
=> Admin can add unlimited custom payment methods with barcodes
=> Timezone setup
=> Audit logs – View users login activities & IP blacklisting
=> Users can setup OTP for withdrawal
=> Social login (Google Auth)
=> Google 2FA
=> Google Translate
=> Recaptcha
=> 5 Levels Referral System
=> KYC (Know your customers) Compliance
=> Advance users management
=> Simple and friendly frontend content editor from admin
=> Live chat management
=> Mass email to all users
=> Logo and favicon management


  1. Advance users management.
  2. Fully responsive design.
  3. Automatic top up to users account (Hourly, daily, weekly or monthly). As specified by admin
  4. Manual top up also included
  5. Stop ROI auto top up on users account on non working days (weekends or holidays)
  6. Customers testimonials.
  7. Withdrawal and deposit methods.
  8. Secure Database with input escaping so no SQL Injection!
  9. Protects against CSRF attacks!
  10. Standard passwords encryption.
  11. SEO friendly URLs.
  12. Informative USER Panel.
  13. Deposit history.
  14. withdrawal history.
  15. Earning history.
  16. Smooth and proper navigation.
  17. Admin specify system currency.
  18. Admin send notification to users dashboard.
  19. Advance system settings/control page.

Payment methods

CoinPayments automatic methods.

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin


  • Credit card (Paystack)
  • Bank deposit / transfer
  • Credit card (stripe)
  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin (Manual)
  • Ethereum (Manual)
  • Other methods provided by admin

Credit card test details

  • Expiry date: Any date above current date.(E.g. 07/2022)
  • CVV: Any four digit (E.g. 7535)
  • Email: Any email provided.
  • Card number: 4242 4242 4242 4242

Change log


=> Admin can upload/change user dashboard theme
=> Bug Fix: Confirm password removed from users withdrawal action
=> Bug fix: user transferring money to themselves has been fix
=> Password strength has been increased
=> Optimized code


=> Fixed error on paypal
=> Fixed error on admin login


=> Fixed error on topup method
=> Fixed error on process deposits


=> Improved KYC
=> Fixed error on telegram bot.
=> Fixed other bugs.


=> Signal module, membership module and tradecopier added
=> you can choose how you want to run the system by disabling modules that you don't need.
=> Admin can set if users should be able to cancel their active plan or not.
=> KYC Verification process changed and optimzied.
=> Admin can specify if they want users to complete kyc verificaion upon sign up.
=> Added investment countdown to expirtaion on active investment on user dashboard.
=> Added USDT as default withdrawal method in user account.
=> Login and Registration pages redesigned.
=> Sending Email to users have be restructured as email Services.
=> Integrated Binance Pay for ONLY USDT PAYMENT.
=> Multi-color dashboard option.
=> Fixed ROI bug and others.
=> Better code structure.
=> Improved security and others.


=> Changed user dashboard design
=> New structure.
=> Fixed error on automatic installer.
=> Fixed other bugs noticed on the last release.
=> Code optimization, and others.


=> Added CRM feature to admin end
=> Transfer funds page redesigned and charges have been added to it.
=> Forgot password feature now added to admin to reset admin password
=> Admin can now see Active investment plans and can perform actions on them.
=> Admin can select multiple users and perform action on them at once.
=> Admin can specify if capital should return to users after their inv period or not.
=> Fixed known bugs
=> Code optimization, and others.


=> Added user to user wallet transfer
=> Admin can now specify minimum deposit amount
=> Admin now receives email when users buy investment plan
=> Fixed known bugs
=> Code optimization, and others.


=> Added Crypto exchange system
=> Admin can now add unlimited custom payment methods with barcodes
=> Admin can now now add any investment duration
=> View users login activities & IP blacklisting
=> New front end with multiple pages (All pages are editable from admin end)
=> Referral link now carries username instead of ID
=> Capture referral username on registration page automatically
=> Users can setup OTP for withdrawal
=> Social login (Google Auth)
=> Optimized, improved security, and many more.


=> Fixed all bugs on the last update
=> Added a chart to admin dashboard to view website stats
=> Admin can now disable and enable recaptcha
=> Added 2FA to admin login


=> Upgraded to laravel 8.x
=> Added Google 2FA
=> Added Google Translation
=> Added Google Recaptcha
=> Added more admin and user controls
=> Added AWS S3 (CDN)
=> Admin can view users wallets from manage users
=> Users can enable/disable Google  2FA
=> Improved security
=> Updated others


=> Added MT4 integration feature - connect with any trading account easily


=> Added Paystack payment gateway
=> Added export feature to all tables to export records to excel, text, or pdf and csv format
=> Changed all email notifications from plain texts to markup (Email template)
=> Fixed add and deleting withdrawal method bug on version 2
=> Fav icon extended to homepage
=> Fixed coinpayments automatic payment bug
=> Corrected others


=> Front end content editing module
=> Fixed add and delete withdrawal method broken link 
=> Fixed update coinpayments details broken link


=> Improved security as always
=> Fixed stripe error on PHP 7.1 >
=> New structure and re organized codebase
=> Admin roles
=> New user and admin dashboard design
=> Improved frontend
=> Light and dark dashboard option
=> Update profile option
=> Improved user experience
=> Favicon management
=> Separated admin and user login page and dashboard


=> Improved security
=> Fixed search user bug
=> Updated others


=> Added Trading account management feature (subscription model)
=> Added a new front end 
=> Added debiting option to manual top up
=> Organized settings page 
=> Fixed manual top up bug
=> Fixed referral bug
=> Fixed withdrawal bug
=> Updated others


=> New feature(s) release
=> Added a new front end with new amazing colour
=> Added email verification after registration
=> Dynamic investment plans on homepage


=> Security update and new features release
=>Stronger and better with ultimate security (Unique file storage system for all users)
=>More dashboard stats
=>More users management features
=>Fixed bugs
=>And more


=>Integrated telegram bot with Online Trade
=>Added feature to switch site colours
=>Added a feature on settings to switch between web dashboard and telegram
=>Added more security


Emergency update

=>Added a feature on settings to know who updated the settings page last
=>Added more protection to route files<br />


=>Changed country field in registration page to drop down


=>fixed error on updating settings
=>Added KYC feature
=>Now 100% compatible with PHP 7.x 
=>fixed error on homepage contact form
=>Updated others on front-end


=>fixed bugs
=>Increased security
=>Added PayPal payment method
=>Updated charts and dashboard
=>2FA verification
=>Signup bonus
=>New front-end template
=>5 Levels referral system
=>Admin one click to sign in to users accounts
=>Enable/Disable trade for individual users
=>Investment amount variation (Invest between a minimum and maximum amount on each plan)
=>Updated others


=>fixed bugs
=>Added transaction (ROI) history
=>Added more stats to dashboard
=>Updated others


=>fixed bugs
=>Added Pagination on users management
=>Added search to users management
=>Send all users mail feature added
=>Added Reinvestment feature
=>Added Automatic payment system for BTC, ETH and LTC using Coinpayments
=>Improved security
=>Live chat management
=>Password reset feature
=>Notify users via email upon registration
=>Notify users via email when ROI drops
=>Notify users via email when investment circle ends
=>And others


=> Fixed error on process deposit
=> Added more deposit methods: Credit card, Ethereum, Bank transfer


=> Added feature to specify referral commission
=> Added feature to specify investment plan top up amount or percentage, top up interval, ROI and investment plan duration.
=>Updated others

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