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when I open the project with construct 2 r163, construct2 crashes. Do you know how to fix it?

That problem i had too on my MacBook Pro with windows 8.1 parallels emulation. If i use windows 7 in emulation it works like a charm and on old pc’s there are problems with graphic cards. The crash on construct2 is an graphic problem. But read this and check it out here: https://www.scirra.com/blog/84/driver-problems-complain-to-your-graphics-card-vendor

index.html is missing the archive contains, source, php, psd no game folder

i will check this out later. If there are problems sorry and thanks for the information i will fix it then. But first i will check it out.

this can not to be modified with free construct 2 as you say. it extends the free license limit

yes the archive works check it out.

Nice! Now works grate:)

thank you ;)


Is it possible to use this game with a WordPress site?

Apologies if that is a stupid question… :)

No man not a stupid question yes you can use it in wordpress if you need support please contact me over email :)

Can this be exported to Android, IOS or Windows Mobile?

Sorry for the late reply. This can be exported to every mobile system :) i had run it on ipad ;) no problems. If you have problems write me an private message ;)

How many levels ?

unlimited :)

Code has no comments and is hard to work with.

this code is nothing for beginners that is true i mean we talk about server based.. So it’s advanced level :)

I followed all steps but I was unable to see the leaderboard, there are always an error. Is this function working correctly?

I’ve just solved this issue re exporting the game using Construct2 (paid version) ._. . I’ve only changed the ServerURL variable.

“Construct 2 [Required for modifying the game] The source file for the game is Construct 2. This game was created in under 100 events, so it is compatible with the Free Edition of Construct 2 . Before modifying the game in Construct 2 you should learn the fundamentals of using the program. ” It’s 154 lines… Where is the 100 lines version?

It was updated! So you need the full version yet!

Hello I purchased the game but when we upload and test it there is no start button