Discussion on Online Quiz Application in C# ASP .Net MVC

Discussion on Online Quiz Application in C# ASP .Net MVC

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hello sajjad, is there any way to add audio question ?

@imadelhassani I’m sorry, this project doesn’t have Audio question feature as of now.

Hi Sajjad, I have purchased your solution, but when want to open the project I got lot of errors related to some missing DLLs, I have sent you an email with screens, please help

Hi @Benhadev, I’ve received and replied to your email. Please check my response for Nuget Package Manager.

Hi Sajjad, thanks for your support, I have encountered an error when want to register a new account

can you give more details about the error you encountered?

Good afternoon, sir Thanks for your coding! I learned a lot of MVC knowledge from you. I have some questions about the “Forgot Password” pages. Do you have an updated version have the Forgot password models, views and controllers included? Thank you.

hi @jayl19. I’m happy that my project has helped you in learning. I’m working on an update for this project however I’ve not yet finalized the exact date for an update. If you want to see implementation of Forget Password and Reset Password features, you can check my other eCommerce project here

I can’t seem to run the application, getting error “Exception Details: System.IO.DirectoryNotFoundException: Could not find a part of the path ’....\QuizbeePlus\bin\roslyn\csc.exe’.”

i haven’t looked much into the implementation aspect of this @kenmobility. I suggested to have a look at existing code and write similar or better for this feature.

Okay sir, thanks, I wil be looking forward to it…please is there any other channel I can use to communicate with you aside this one?

you can contact on my email at

This product include source code

Hi @engsaed84, yes you get complete source code in Visual Studio 2019 files format and documentation for setup.

Hello sir, How many users can attempt an exam at a time? How can I manage admin and normal user.

hi DataCoSys, Thanks for showing interest in my project. I’ve done a real world test on this system. I’ve done some basic testing on it. The idea is to give a basic architecture framework on which more improvements can be added/implemented.

hi can you send me html Templete !!

I don’t have stand alone HTML template files for this project. Its all integrated in the project.

where is data

which data are you referring to?

Data Exams and questions and so on

Admin can create quizzes etc from Admin Panel, Users can also check their attempted quizzes in their profiles. And actual data is in database :p

Hi Sajjad, I need some modifications. if possible can you release it in next update. 1. Only admin can create new quiz and questions. 2. Admin can add both type of questions (image + text) in quiz. 3. In report, correct answer should be printed if attempted answer is wrong.

can you add this changes with updates? please reply.

Hi there. I’ve noted these changes. At the moment I’m working on a few other projects. I will be implementing these changes when I work on the update for this project. The update may be scheduled to later this year end.

Thanks. Let me know once you update at

I want to buy this… can u make a little modification in it? Actually i want combination of both image questions and text questions in a single quiz. can u do this?

Hi harry6490. Thanks for your interest in the project. Currently I’m working on another project with a tight schedule otherwise I would love to implement this for you. I recommend to get it done via any freelancer on freelancing platforms.

i also want to ask you why u make Database in this way for example table Option why u do not add Virtual Question referance as one to many relationship

i did it like this because at the time of development it seemed like a good structure to me.

hello Mr sajad i want to thank you for this Good support but the processof insert Quiz with its questions is very tired as adata entry is there an idea to make Modules is extracted from File …excel for example

hi karimabobakr, thanks for appreciation. Im sorry to tell that I’ve not implemented quiz import/export functionality in project.

my purchase code is 824396be-32f7-4943-a0ff-d0d45e150f4b thanks alot i want to support me as i make ionic Mobile app so i need to add API in My APP Quiz i already make it easly but my Question is you use User Identity here in APP so how can i make API for USER Identity include Login ,Register ,forgetpassword,update profile data i make it becauseissue appear when i try to copy your code that make that in Controller inherit from API Controller …what shoud i do …for example in Login API i will get user name and password parameter …what shoud i do to insert it using User Identity …. all this (var result = await SignInManager.PasswordSignInAsync) is not accept in My API

I’ve used Microsoft Identity Framework for User Authorization. I think you can use this framework in your restful webapis. Check this link for more details of Identity Framework:

this link try to create new API Project but i already have your Source Code and Just add Controller Inherit from API and make all methods in it public class AppAPIController : ApiController then add

       public async Task<ActionResult> Register(RegisterViewModel model)
           if (ModelState.IsValid)
               var user = new QuizbeeUser { UserName = model.Username, Email = model.Email, RegisteredOn = DateTime.Now};
               var result = await UserManager.CreateAsync(user, model.Password);
               if (result.Succeeded)
                   UserManager.AddToRole(user.Id, Variables.UserRole);
await SignInManager.SignInAsync(user, isPersistent: false, rememberBrowser: false);
return RedirectToAction("Index", "Home");
return View("Register", "_LayoutEmpty", model);

i get Error

@Karimabobkr, i think you are doing wrong. You can’t just change the controllers inheritance to be from APIController and expect all the code to work miraculously. You need to convert the code to webapi suntax.

Hi, I have purchased the product long ago since, I am using it now. When i run the update-database command the seed data does not work / the data dummy data does not get seed nor the user neither the user roles can you help me with this.

no its not loading

also if am adding new seed methods to it its not working

plz follow the steps mentioned here: .

Hi Arif, I’m really interested in buying your code but I needed just one more feature and you could add that feature to enhance the utility of this exam quiz project. I needed the feature of ‘bookmark question’ so that users can bookmark important questions as per their need with their attempted answer, correct answer and with the explanations in a different section. I really appreciate what you have made already.

Most welcome Arif !

Please let me know when you make all these changes. My email id is

Sure. I’ll let you know. Although I dont have a fixed date for next updates but I’ll be working on its next update with quite a few new features along with the your requested features.

Hi Arif, How do I write this code to randomize questions?

model.Question = quiz.Questions.OrderBy(o => Guid.NewGuid());

?? didn’t work that way

Hi emredemirbek. You dont have to applying order by. Just use the ’ .Shuffle() ’ extension method which we created. We’ve applied the same logic to shuffling options. do as the folowing: model.Question = quiz.Questions.Shuffle(); This will randmoize the order of questions. Afterwards you will need to get the next question from this randomized list by some means of identification.

Hi Arif, How do I write this code to randomize questions?

model.Question = quiz.Questions.OrderBy(o => Guid.NewGuid());

?? didn’t work that way

Hi emredemirbek, You will need to do a bit of work around for this. I am hoping you are familiar with jQuery. If so you can do as following. When user clicks on attempt quiz, get the list of questions and apply the .Shuffle() method on it. Pass this list to the user end and send the index number of question to be attampted in the submit function. Ath the moment index of next questions is determined by getting the previous index so instead of index for next question, you can pass the index of your choosing from the frontend.

Thank you. Can you suggest a sample code / project / video for this?

sorry I can not provide any tutorial for this matter.

Hi, I would like to purchase your awesome project. Before that I have a few things to clarify. Please answer me asap. 1. How do you allow user to select only one answer? I would like to see radios instead of checks. 2. I will be developing an assessment application where there will be no right or wrong answer. What would you suggest in that scenario? 3. How do you save the current state of the quiz? For long quizzes user may not finish all the questions at a time, so we need to auto save the state after each submission. 4. How do you add validation? for example, user must select at least one answer from the choices to proceed to the next question and there should be no skip.


Hi Codertuhin, Thanks for showing interest in my project. 1- ‘How do you allow user to select only one answer?’ – You can just change the input type to Radio Button from the checkbox. There is a separate view file where you can make this change (requires some knowledge of ASP .Net MVC). No server side changes are required for this. 2- ’ I will be developing an assessment application where there will be no right or wrong answer.’ – Sorry, Quizbee doesn’t have this feature. However if you know ASP .Net MVC you can incorporate this feature in to the existing structure of Quizbee. 3- ‘How do you save the current state of the quiz?’ – This feature is already implemented in Quizbee. Every time user submits the answer, it is saved in the database. User can see each attempted quiz and its progress report in user profile. Please not that I have not implemented the option to continue the quiz if user left the quiz attempt once. 4- ‘How do you add validation?’ – This is also already implemented in Quizbee. User will be shown a prompt to select an answer before proceeding to another question. Skip button can also be hidden from view file.

Hey Sajjad,

I had a couple of pre-buying questions and was hoping you could help me.

1) How scalable is the application? What kind of a server environment would you prefer running it on for the best results?

2) In case I would want to add some functionality – or a different set of logic, for example, one line answers along with multiple choice answers, it is feasible to do the same? Would I need to write the logic for it in C# or .NET?

Looking forward to hearing back from you!

Hi shivambector. Thanks for showing interest in Quizbee.

1) You can run Quizbee on any kind of server running on windows environment. For database purposes you will need to use Microsoft SQL Server environment.

2) Quizbee is developed on ASP .NET MVC with C# as server side programming language. C# is part of .NET so I think if you need to add any custom logic on backend you can write it in C#. Quizbee is developed with .Net version 4.5.

Thanks for the prompt response. Much appreciated!

You are welcome.

Hi Sajjad,

I purchased the product yesterday and must say that the code structure and the product development work done by you is good.

I would want you to do some customization so do let me know in case you can do them for me along with timeline and cost in case any.

• Only Admin to be able create tests • Admin to be able to allocate tests to users and the users only see the tests that they have been allocated. • Admin to be able to see the test result for all users test by test • Admin to be able to print certificate for the user and download as pdf

Hi dilipsabharwal,

Thanks for appreciating my work. A 5 star rating would also be nice. :)

Yes I can do customization for you but before going into dicussion about cost and timeline, I want to confirm, if I understand your requirements clearly.

1- “Only Admin to be able create tests”: So only users with “Administrator” role can create Quizzes? 2- “Admin to be able to allocate tests to users and the users only see the tests that they have been allocated”: So a page with Users list will be displayed to Administrator after creating Quiz and adding relevant Questions and Options to it. On this page Admin will select Users who will be able to attempt that specific Quiz? Another page will be created for Users, where each user will see list of all the quizzes assigned to him? 3- “Admin to be able to see the test result for all users test by test ”: This is kind of already done. If you go to Control Panel and click on Quiz Attempts, it will list dow all the attempts by users and you can check details of each attempt. See this 4- “Admin to be able to print certificate for the user and download as pdf”: Do you mean quiz attempt result by “Certificate” which lists all the questions and attempted options or is this something else. Please explain it. And result printing functionality is already done. You can print the details of each quiz attempt. Save as PDF is not exclusively added in the project but you can save the pdf of result from print window in browser.

You can get in touch with me on my personal email “” for more details. Thanks.


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