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Does this software also support Customization of the Shirts like Color, Cloth selection, Fabric, Fleets, Buttons, Pocket, Design, Collar…etc?

Well, The software you are talking about is a SHIRT customization tool but not a design customzation software. Here is an example:
The one you see here is a product designer and its for creating PRINTING output not a complete PRODUCT.
But don’t worry if you have this such of requirement, we have a solid background with making such custom softwares and make one for you in few days. Send us your requirement on and any of our technical staff with be in touch with you wit more question.

Can we Change Price of product?

Yes, You can change/add/edit the prices for every product, every text, every color and even for every Clipart.

Can we change language of this plugin from English to Swedish?

Well we didn’t tested it yet but that should work perfectly as you are just changing it to another language. But if you buy it for your purpose, let me assure you that our next update is coming up with MULTI-LINGUAL feature so you don’t need to worry. That tool will definitely support multiple global languages from next update.

Can cliparts be attached to a product only?
If product 1 > cliparts 1 If product 2 > cliparts 2

No, any uploaded clipart can be used with any product. It doesn’t attach with any product. For example Clipart 1 can be used with Product 2 and Clipart 2 can be used with Product 1.

What kind of file does it create when it’s done?

It creates VECTOR PDF output which is PRINT READY. You can simply command your computer for PRINT and if your machine is connected with DTG machine this will print the design as it is in PDF (exactly as the customer designed using this tool) to the t-shirt or any other product.

Am I limited to the amount of products I can load for my customers to design?

No. You are free to upload any number of products, cliparts & fonts into the designer studio.

When the customer gets done with the design and they click, add to cart does it automatically load to the cart?

We shared the data in POST, So you need to customize script according to the eCommerce platform that you will use.

Do you do full web design and e-commerce platform integration as well?

Yes, we offer complete website designing and e-commerce platform integration service.

Is your tool allow to load predefined designs ?
(Like designed products templates)

Not yet but on request we can develop this feature for you.

Is it possible to customize this tool for coffee cups, greeting cards etc?

Yes. You only need to add products from JSON & it will show up frontend and further customization can be done.

Does this tool support edit design feature?

No, but we can do this on request. If you want to customize for this feature then after purchasing the license from here please send mail at

Can I change the colors of the different parts of the product?

Yes each part is a view so for each view you can change color, drop different design in design area.

Will this tool work with multi-lingual websites.

No this is basic tool which don’t have multi-lingual feature but yes if you would like then you can create ticket for customization by sending us mail at

when you press add to cart – the order details are displayed – can we change those to what we need?

Yes, you can change url from configuration code. As we are sending all data in post method so you can read that data & use as per your requirement.

Is it possible to integrate this plugin in ruby on rails?

Yes, you can integrate with any language.

Can we have a dynamic JSON data from the server side for products and cliparts?

Yes from your backend you can generate dynamic data & write in same format.

Can I use download buttons at other place.

Yes, we create a function to generate output. You can call that function from any place.

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