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Hi sir, I just want to ask if this also includes customisation for mugs? Looking forward hearing from you. Thank you

also, am I able to integrate it to drupal?

Hi Dear, you can use it for customization of Mugs. Yes if you have developers you can integrate it with any shopping cart.

Can you get the customizer to load back in exported svg?

Hi Dear, What i understood that you don’t want to give option to add new elements (text/image/clipart), they can only edit the text/image at same position given by admin. So this feature is not available with this tool. If you are looking for this feature then it will be approx 5-6 days work. If interested in quotation then you can approach us at

We are not interested in the admin side of this. We just essentially want to know if it’s possible with the current code to reimport svg files into the canvas. That the tool has already created.

No that is not feasible without changing the code with same tool.

i want to custom the site from you ,could you tcontact with me thank you

Please send us your requirement at

No Support!!! We have problems with the fonts in WIN10 Edge. No answer, no help.

Hi Dear, It will take around 1 month because we are customizing the code of this item.

Hey, do you have any updates?

ONE MONTH are over! Do you have a update?

Hi! How can i use this? How can i edit and add product for this? Thanks! Just email me here:

Why there’s one product, color and 2 clipart only? I dont know how to add more products, color and cliparts. Coz when i add in json files its not displaying :( i hope you can help me. Thanks in advance! :D

HI Dear, Please walk through the documentation. If you will still face issue please share purchase code & FTP details, URL at

Okay thanks! :D

I was just wondering if text arching will be available in future versions.

Yes, It is almost ready. You can make purchase & receive the same files today.

I customize d the designer and it is great, but the only problem is I cannot change products when using mobile, can u help me to fix it? The link is Thx a lot!!!

HI Dear, Please share FTP details at so that we can check what is problem on your installation

hello, How do I get support for the product that I had bought for opencart : Online Product Customizer – Opencart Extension

or is it waste of $50?

Hi Dear, Opencart extension was deleted from here approx 10 months back but still we are ready to provide you support but for that you have to share purchase code.

Kindly please resend me the latest software version for the current open-cart ver.

Please share purchase code.. even we don’t have any other version available at this moment.

Hi, can I use this with Django?

Yes you can use it & do integration in Django

Your demo doesn’t work in chrome

Thanks for writing us. Will check & fix if any issue.

Will Text Arching become available in future upgrades?

Yes, we made this feature available for some buyers under paid support.

I always thought this designers would be easier to manage with a mysql backend rather than a json backend. Any plans for that in the future?

You can contact us for making mysql backend at The reason behind JSON backend is not to force buyers on a single technology. using JSON buyers can customize for sql, mysql, oracle or any db & language.

Be warned, the code isn’t great, we have in-house developers but making changes to this software is a nightmare, the code you get when you purchase it is different to the code used on the demo, you can check this using developer tools to inspect the preview code and js files etc.

The demo on his website works fine, but the files you get don’t, the instructions are wrong for the code you get also, they reference things that don’t exist.

I have an issue at the moment where the layer and order panels don’t work on a mobile phone (on our code and on a fresh copy of the downloaded files, yet the demo is fine), support just want to charge you a few thousand dollars to customise the code for you, i just keep getting the same response … it works, we can quote to do it for you.

I have been waiting a few days now for a response from support.

My next move will be an official complaint to Themeforest i think.

If i get this resolved i will re-post the solution for anyone else having a similar issue.

Hi Alok, just sent you an email showing your files on an iphone 6s and comparing on the same phone (in a second window) your demo files. Your demo files work perfectly in that you can drag the panels and fold them away by dragging them to the side or touching the close icon … However the files you sent me are not the same, you can’t drag the panels or close them on an actual phone (in the video you sent me you are using an emulator on a pc), alos just to prove the software is different you have the word ‘close’ above the panels in your video but this doesn’t exist in your demo.

The screenshot you sent me of your phone also has the layers messed up in that part of the order layer is under the product layer, i have circled this on the screenshot and sent it back to you.

The frustrating thing with all this is that your demo is perfect, and absolute brilliant thing and easy to use, but as i have said before you don’t appear to give us those files, why i don’t know?

Hi Json, We are checking the problem & if needed i will send you patches. I am receiving your message at ticket portal so better to have conversation there. If i will not give you support then writing comment here make sense.

No problem

Custom Product Designer – WooCommerce Version I need this plz!!!

doing discussion in other thread.

Can this tool be integrated into a squarespace website as a code block and scripts injected into the page?


alok-theemon Author Team

Any developer having knowledge of squarespace & JSON can integrate easily.