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I would like to know if it were possible to arrange to the booking minimum start 4 night for example in summer and 1 night in winter. This way if customer try to book 1 night in summer he can’t make reservation.


Very nice plugin but with a BIG ISSUE! no responsive…

Hello, I have a presale question, I work in the tourist industry and I want offer to my groups a pre-booking hotel tool, like a web site to select witch day checking/checkout, room type, etc. but I need give the option to update later with some registration code because some times my attenders want change something after booking. This is possible with your system? Thanks in advance.-

as per your requirement need to customize.

please contact with

thank you

Hi. I’m searching a solution for a single hotel. Your solution looks nice, until the button Choose the room number (or number of rooms). Can it be replaced with a link like “book this room NOW”, so that the choosed room go directly do checkout? Another question? Does it works like a widget, so that i can put the search directly at the main homepage of my site? Thanks a lot and sorry for my bad english! Please feel free to contact me at, i’ll buy this certanly if the answers for this questions are “yes”!.

sorry you can;t book as per room number . system have not option enter room number.

sorry not work as widget , you need add script in one page.

thank you

Hi Team,

I am having few query before I make the purchase. 1. Can I integrate atom payment gateway or some other payment gateway with the booking engine or multiple payment gateway? 2. How is the inventory management works is automatically reduce the inventory once someone book a room? 3. Can I create different packages and limitation like maximum night or minimum nights? 4. Is it possible to add the tax component in the booking engine? 5. Is the booking form is customizable? 6. Can I voucher for the customer as soon as he completes the payment for the booking engine to his mail Id and same notification can I sent to my hotel executives via? 7. How many people can send notification at a time? 8. Is woocoomerce is incorporated in booking engine? 9. Can create Add-on facility also to be booked at the time of booking? 10. Can I customize the looking and feel of the date calendar through CSS? 11. Can I change the currency to INR?

Looking forward to hear from you soon.

Warm regards, Kunal The Tamara Hospitality

Hi, Before I buy it. I wanna know if this plugins is compatible with wordpress 4.5.2.

i want to modify this plugin how i can??

can you modify for me?

Why this plugin booking calender can’t Booking For One Night. For Example, I want to booking for 1 night 5th June 2016 to 6th June 2016, but in the booking calender this plugin, if I booking 5th June 2016, 6th June 2016 can’t be clicked, so I had to click or choose 7th June 2016.

what’s the solution?

sorry minimum night set in admin 2 nights, you can change it to 1 night.

thank you

I have spent a lot of time, unsuccessfully, to try to make the plugin work properly. The assistance by the author is useless, with incomprehensible answers. And there is not any documentation. Nothing. No help. No guide.

As other users said: « if you use the shortcode, by default, it shows up on the top left, no matter where you insert the code. You can see how frustrating this would be if you wanted to have it in the middle of the page or even the footer. Contacted support and they were terrible. The only thing they told me to do was that I had to do “splitting”. I asked them 3 times what “splitting” »

Hey Guys, i had added a question at your support site, but nobody answered me. How can i fix the bug? How can i find my ticket number to have a look at the status quo on your support site?


awasome plugin but before i pre-purchase this plugin, can i put EMP Payment gateway integrated ? i mean (when the user choose his payment EMP and when he click on submit re-direct him to page to inter his card and other info – is it possible ?) , and what if i need to add extra fileds such as wifi, departure arrival ,...etc – is it possible on this plugin ??? and i want to change the theme of the plugin colors,...

ok no problem, send you customization list to we will let you know cost, if you agree then purchase script.

thank you

Hello Again i sent to you my coustimize list and some points to be fully understand ; check my comments

hi this is my list with some points to be fully understand to buy this wp plugin

Pre-purchase this plugin for WordPress; I have many things to be fully understand ; If my requirements can you do it i will buy this

1 : Can I add/Modified/Delete Fields (Departure arrive, Car Pick Up,...etc) Yes/No 2 : Can i Change the color , background, wizard titles (Rooms & Rates,...etc) Yes/No 3 : Can i choose just to appear one currency ? Yes /No 4 : Can i Block date range / Room Block / making Special offer / price can change from month to month,....etc YES/NO 5 : I need one payment getaway to be integration called “EMP Payment gatway” – when the user click on Submit and he select EMP he transfer him to EMP Page Yes/No if yes what you need from me to provide you EMP

6 : If my above request need to be customized to be a WP plugin tell me and what about Cost for above ; I dont want to buy this plugin and you tell me for your request above the price will be $$$ , So if above it could be customize tell me i will buy this plugin and give me a link to do that; Note that i didnt want to buy this plugin once for download and second for customized (chargeable )... I’m waiting Your email ASAP ; I want to buy this plugin one time included my customize

7 : give me the cost of each point i mention (1-5)

its possible to change booking system from days to hours? Instead of 2 days.. 2 hours minimum..? Thanks

possible but need customize the system.

please contact with with your requirement.

thank you

There is not room gallery! I can only put 1 picture on one room type. Or any suggestion?

some image is missing for example images/lightbox-btn-close.gif

please contact with support they will fix if any file missing.

thank you


I am interested in buying. I would like to ask questions sooner.

1 – Can I customize with my logo, background and colors?

2 – Can I sell daily, sell hours?

3 – Is it possible to create promotions, add different tariff?

4 – Is there a manual that I can consult instead of contacting?

5 – I am interested in working only with credit cards and some flags among all that the booking engine offers, can I choose which flag?

6 – Can I choose the number of apartments available per day and as soon as I sell the amount I have set, does it close the availability or do I have to do this manually?

I would like all questions to be answered, I am interested in buying more than one use license.



Hello, presale question. I’m designing a hostel hotel, with only six rooms. Customers may hire a room or the complete house. So i offer seven products, the six rooms separately and the complete house.

I need that if anyone reserves the complete house the six rooms get unavaliable on that dates, and if anyone reserves one room then the complete house should be unavailable.
Is this possible with this plugin?

Dear sir,

It is possible to do calendar to each appartmants? And also block dates terms for each appartmants?

Regards, d.

system only for single hotel. can’t assign multiple apartment.

thank you