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I have some questions.

1. The system charges to enter the reservation%? Example: 5 daily for $ 500.00, immediate payment of 20% R $ 100.00.

2. The Portuguese language is enabled?

3. Payment works manually? Sending data?

5. Can I use the Woocomerce or other type of manager?

6. I can altetar the date model for DD / MM / YY?

7. After booking receive a confirmation email?

8. It is responsive?

Thank you very much.

Please contact –


Can I please have a look at the installation guide before I buy?

Can you tell me two things before I buy

1) How do I integrate this into my current website so that the booking system looks part of my website?

2) The SQl database does it installs as we install the script or do we have to import it separately through phpmyadmin?

I have sent you a mail with my purchase code. Waiting for your reply.

Also, I need to know how I can show the front end on an existing webpage.

we updated your server file, just copy install folder and replace with old one.

we also uploaded envato marketplace, as that approved, you will get notified.

thank you

Hi! how can I check the demo? The link right now not work properly. Another question is responsive? Thanks!

Demo link :

yes its responsive.

thank you

Great! Thanks!

In the demo, the admin cannot make a reservation from the admin panel for the customer, lets say if the customer is at the reception. maybe I didn’t see it. Can that be than?


Out client is from India, so we need payment gateway which supports Indian Currency. Please let us know whether this application supports Indian currency(INR)

Please contact –


After having organized a “Special Offer” and press ENTER, the system gives an error message identical to this:

Array ( [id] => 3 [offer_name] => Galatea [fromDate] => 01/01/2017 [toDate] => 31/03/2017 [roomtype] => 0 [pr_de] => 20.00 [min_sty] => 5 [sbt_details] => Submit ) Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/bziexena/booking/public_html/includes/admin.class.php:1380) in /home/bziexena/booking/public_html/cp/entry_edit_special_offer.php on line 8

My website is:

Ticket Help Desk does not respond. Thanks.

Closed for Christmas holidays. Problem solved. Thank you.

Is there a changelog? Or what is new in v1.2 compared to v1.1? The documentation in the download shows the changelog only upto v1.1.

mainly mysqli support and minor bug fixes.

thank you

Is there a report menu?


I have done an Online Booking in your demo website and i have added a Child and adults in search. So, It shows rooms that allow and rooms that doesn't allow childs (for ex. the  ejecuive Twin(2) Room doesn't allow childs , but i can choose this room and continue), So, it will better shows only the rooms according to the search criteria to avoid mistake in the reservations.

This is a “hotel booking system”. Does that mean that it’s a CMS for a complete hotel website, or does it mean that it’s only the hotel’s room-booking system? (I don’t want a complete CMS—just the room booking.) We already have a nice website.

Well, actually this appears to be just another excuse to make me wait for several more days. So why not just fix the script and send it to me? It’s easy to install. In that way we don’t need to give you access to our server and we are both happy.

Now it’s been another three days. From the time we purchased your script it’s already been more than eight days. Will you send me the revised script, please? I repeat, we do NOT give out access to our website since this has caused many problems in the past. Please deal with this now or I will have to request a refund.

Okay, now we’re past a week. You have not sent me the fixed script, and for that matter you haven’t had the courtesy to even respond. Clearly you don’t support your product. I have now bought a different script. Please refund me now.

:cry: Anche con il supporto non si riesce a far funzionare questo plugin , ho speso dei soldi per nulla. Mi chiedevo se esiste il modo per avere un rimborso

you are not purchase this item , please contact with purchase code.

thank you


bsturza Purchased

Save Configuration Settings: Passed MySQL Connection Test: Passed MySQL Database Creation: Passed MySQL Table Creation: Failed

How can i resolve table creation?

notification email never get sent. Please provide the line codes for this one.. Ticket number 348150

can it be installed on localhost and will i have access to the database tables and php codes ?

sir is it possible to make the time by hours like 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours rate for every room?

Hi what PHP versions will this run on? i am looking to deploy on a server running PHP7 environment.


I’m using the plugin version 1.1, but it isn’t working anymore. Can you please help me with the server requirements. I’m running the 5.5.57 MySql Version: do you think I need to upgrade to the 1.2 version?

Thank you in advance, Patrizia

Can you please help?

I’ve upgraded to the last version


I sent a mail to with purchase code and also submitted a ticket which I quote below, can you please help…

I have an old install and it is still showing “You enter the wrong currency code” when trying to add new currency How can I update the code (using the latest updated script v 1.3 dated Nov 2017) so that this problem is taken care of without disturbing my other settings?

Thank you, where can I download the ‘fixed’ script?

we updated your server file, just copy install folder and replace with old one.

we also uploaded envato marketplace, as that approved, you will get notified.

thank you

Thank you for your quick response

Hi. I just opened a ticket on a similar problem regarding an unrecognized currency symbol problem. I thank you in advance for taking into account this ticket and your answer. Best regards