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“Rate” Menu Doesn’t work, Please help me!

Dear “softtechbd”

In which mode you are trying to use it? Debug or release? Remark that, shareing the app will only work if you release the app in play store.


I have test it in debug mode, not publish it in playstore.

Sorry to say that, sharing option will not work until publish the app.

For me Rate App doesn’t work too and app is in google store. Second question: When new update? :)

Hello “Heisenberg1973”

Let us check the issue. We will provide next update soon.

Error:(12, 25) error: cannot find symbol class R how to fix this?

Let us check the issue.As soon as possible we will inform you.

Please reply me in email. i send you a screenshot of R error Error:(61, 28) error: package R does not exist

Hope you are missing something or changing. So Please download the latest file. And again open the project & recheck.


zafiro Purchased

Hello, I’m interested in this app but I have these questions:

1.- For this app to work, the cell phone must have internet connection? 2.- Ads will be displayed if the cell phone does not have internet connection? 3.- Is the share button working well now? 4.- I’m new to Android Studio, is there any video tutorial?

Thank you very much.

Dear @zafiro

Sorry for late replay :-(

Here is the list of answers of your questions:

1. Yep, cellphone must have internet connection. 2. Ads will not display if there is not internet connection 3. Share button will only work if you upload your app into play store 4. No, we don’t have any video tutorial

Support AAC, AAC+ (AACP) and MP3?

Dear @jefferson2014

Yep, it supports those steaming.


zafiro Purchased

Hi, I bought this app and I have 2 questions:

1.- I do not want to have 2 tabs (FM & ONLINE), I want to have a single tab called Radios. How I do this? 2.- The Rate function is not working. When will you release a new version to fix this error?

Thank you very much.


zafiro Purchased

Do you have any date to make these improvements?

We are sorry that your suggestion do not goes with our requirements. If you wanna make any customization on this app please contact us at contact@iglyphic.com describing your requirements. Thank you sir for your activities :-)


zafiro Purchased

Ok, I already sent you an email, please reply me. Thank you.


sabaody Purchased

Hello, i use this template to play music streaming. How i set the music/audio as ringtone? Thanks

Dear @sabaody

Sorry bro, it’s not possible to set streaming audio as ringtone.


sabaody Purchased

Thanks for your replay. Can i use only one tab in list radio?

Yes definitely you can.

hi, can i just add mp3 link not radio stream link?

Hello Sir, this app currently supports just radio stream link. Thank you for your query.

Knowledge sharing link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TqeoulV6iUdIBm7-0HRPR8I2aTGC0_EFPV7Qbap_D1A/edit?pref=2&pli=1#gid=588813331

Hi. What’s new in version 1.2?

Hello “Heisenberg1973”

Rating problem has been resolved in new version.

Only? When next update? When you add favorites station?

Hello “Heisenberg1973”

Hoping to add favorite option soon. Please stay with us.

Hola Tienes la versión para eclipse si es asi me interesa la app espero tu pronta respuesta.

Hello you have the version for eclipse if so I am interested in the app I hope your prompt reply.

Sorry to say that we don’t have any eclipse version. @miradiocr

Hay un tutorial de como usarlo con eclipse


inchx Purchased

I have sent you an email two times but I didn’t get any respond from you.

Radio links don’t work on “All Radio” screen. I clicked one of them and it said that “Unfortunately, Online FM Radio has stopped.”

Sorry for too late. We are taking care of this and get back to you shortly.

Hi, how can i desactivate Banner admob? Thank you

Hello “StepConcept”

Invisible com.google.android.gms.ads.AdView from all layout and comment out AdManager.getAdManager(mContext).showBannerAd method calling of from all activity.

Thanks :-)

thank you, please how can to remove Radio Name in the center of app. Thank you

Hey there,

just a question, when do you plan to update this app to be same as the one you published recently for iOS? I’ll buy the iOS app as soon as you update this one.

Hello “QuasimodoV”

Can you please mention which feature you want and in which version(iOS/Andorid)?

I want this app have the same features as the one for iOS https://codecanyon.net/item/online-fm-radio-with-admob/19389150?s_rank=1 Make a channel favourite Set timer to automatically switched off radio after a certain time period Control radio by notification controller in background mode Instant and fast radio play

Thanks for your interest. We will push an update soon as per your expectation.

Thanks for inform. @Heisenberg1973