Online Examination System- Asp.Net MVC

Online Examination System- Asp.Net MVC

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Online Examination System – ASP.NET MVC C# Web Application

This is an online exam system which enables multiple admins to create teacher and student users, subjects, classes, and so on. The teacher can log in to create exams, set an exam start time, and set open to which class. After that, the teacher can make an announcement to the student about when will have exam. Students with the class which the exam is open to, can take exams through the system. They can also view their past exams, this enables students to do revision online. If a student misses an exam, he or she can search for the teacher’s email address in the user directory page, and contact the teacher to request for re-opening of the exam. There is also forgot password function included in the system.
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[Kindly do this before publish and run] Solve user could not be deleted if they don’t have phone number
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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Live Preview

Admin login:
  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin123
Teacher login:
  • Username: teacher1
  • Password: teacher123
Student login:
  • Username: student2
  • Password: student123
You can also login the admin, create new teacher and new student, then login the new teacher to test on creating exam and login the new student to test on taking the exam.
Note: Time zone used in Live Preview site is UTC+8

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There are three types of users for this application, which are teacher, student, and admin. They can complete different tasks by using the portal.

All the users can access:

  • User Directory (Search for a user’s email address)
  • The FAQ (View Frequently Asked Question on how to use the system)
  • View Profile
  • Change Password

What a teacher can do?

  • Create, read, update and delete (CRUD), search, sort exams
  • Set exam’s start and end date-time
  • Set classes which are going to take the exam
  • Make announcements to the classes
  • Create, read, update and delete (CRUD) exam, and search questions
  • Upload image for a questions
  • View students’ results, filter the record by classes or exams
  • Export students’ results to Pdf or Excel

What a student can do?

  • Take an exam
  • Review on past taken exam history

What an admin can do?

  • Create, read, update and delete (CRUD), search, sort Admin user
  • Create, read, update and delete (CRUD), search, sort Student user
  • Create, read, update and delete (CRUD), search, sort Teacher user
  • Create, read, update and delete (CRUD), search, sort Subject
  • Create, read, update and delete (CRUD), search, sort Class
  • View students’ results, filter the record by classes or exams
  • View dashboard that shows the total number of different users, classes, subjects
The online exam web application allows multiple admins to manage the users, subjects, and classes.

Upon purchasing this item, you will get:

  • Full source code
  • Documentation on how to install and some code editing/customization tutorials
  • Free Update
  • Supports (Only simple inquiry)

Changes Log

16.06.2020 (V1.8) Current Version

- [New] View an exam's questions & answer all in one page, Save Questions & Answers as PDF
- [New] Export Exams to PDF / Excel
- [New] After admin add new admin/teacher/student, they will receive an email which ask them to click on a link to verify their email and login to the system. Only users who verified their email are able to login to the system.
- [New] Added optional phone number field for the users, in User Directory, only admin can view the phone number, teachers & students are not able to view other users' phone number
- [Bug solving] Added answer duplication validation while teacher create/update Answer
- [Bug solving] Solve URL path error that appeared when some customers deployed to IIS server
- [Bug solving] Solve update answer bug (Duplication of answer C & D bug)
- [Improvement] Student and Teacher cannot edit profile to prevent misuse of this function
- [Improvement] Change to redirect student to take exam page instead of display take exam page in pop up window, because some users' browser has blocked pop-up window
- [Improvement] Clear session when finish exam
- [Improvement] Change layout of student take exam page (remove left navigation bar)

What’s New in V1.7?

10.02.2020 (V1.6)
What’s New in V1.6?

26.11.2019 (V1.5)

- Solve bug: Redirect student to exam result page when exam is time out.
- New: Teacher can export student's exam result to Pdf or Excel.
- New: In Question Management page, added Answer saved status column. This is to ease the teacher to see which questions have not set answers.
- New: Redirect teacher to create questions, after he or she created a new exam, to prevent the teacher from creating exam without creating any questions.

20.11.2019 (V1.4) View Changes Files for V1.4

- Solve bug: Exam result question not showing if student not answered the question. Solved by setting empty value of answer.

7.10.2019 (V1.3) View Changes Files for V1.3

- FAQ page can be accessed after user login.
- Add Exam Management, Question Management, and Taking Exam Knowledge Base.
- Solve modify question type (MCQ/Short Answer) bug. 
- Set all active records cannot be deleted.
- Add validation- "Exam Close Date and Time must be later than Exam Start Date and Time" 
- Add validation- "Maximum Exam Passing Mark (in %) is 100, Minimum Exam Passing Mark (in %) is 0" 
- Classify "Not Yet Started" exam status into "New- Not Yet Started" and "Re-open- Not Yet Started".

25.9.2019 (V1.2) View Changes Files for V1.2

Bug solving: Set Questions for 'on going' or 'ended' exams cannot be modified or deleted.

24.9.2019 (V1.0)

First release

New Free Source Code is Released!

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