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its a bit buggy, sometimes after you highlight something and right click, and after that it can’t save. aslo, can’t highlight anything at all. tried to highlight and copy and it doesn’t work. I’m using the newest version of chrome.

I’ll try to reproduce this error. Please let me know if you can see some javascript bug

Do you plan to implement WYSIWYG?


thank ypu for your comment. No for the moment.

Are you planning to add new features or updates? this is a great project, keep the work :)

Thanks, not right now, unfortunatly it doesn’t pay the bills ;) thanks

The demo site don’t work

Demo site still isn’t working

Hi, I’ve been out, I’m moving the demo site to a new server, thanks for comment

Is there a chance of getting the demo working? I’m interested in buying this.

Oh well. What a shame. I more than likely would have bought this.

Hi, sorry about the delay, I’m putting the demo to work right now

Thanks. I wanted to ask, you used CodeMirror. Based on your code, would it be difficult to swamp that out for ACE Editor?

I’ve never used it. I’ll check it out

Thanks for your time texoLab. I’ve gone ahead and proceeded further with developing my own browser-based code editor using ACE Code Editor. I’m close to completing it. When I’m done I’ll post a link so you can check it out.

Have a good one.

thanks dude, good luck!

thanks for notice, it is fixed.

I’v loaded the files on to my server .. sign in works , but can’t create new folders or project not sure were to save a project folder.

by the way designer and developers alike have been looking for an online ide im mean ace is cool. but this is cooler im my eyes themes are just like aptana and titanium studio … good job a must for independent developers.

Hi, sorry for the delay. You’re suppose to upload your ../files folder.

Edit asp files?

yes sure

It is very good! However I have two problem. One is that the Japanese, Korean, Chinese character is appeared by broken. How can I solve this problem ? I use UTF8 code in Korean, Chinese, Japanese.

Another problem is the Chinese, Korean, Japanese character is appeared at in monitor after typing it and puting space.

Pls. answer as soon as possible.

hi! sorry for the delay. Let me look in deeper and will be back to you

Hi, i’ve bought some days ago your fantastic script. I hope you can help me, it’s possible to edit and save one single file without the left sidebar, but only open one file and edit it?

Thanks Mattia

hello! right now the only way to use it is with the sidebar opened. I’ll take into accoutn your suggestions

Hi. I am interested to by this script. Do you still support customer?

Purchased, preview not working