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Looks interesting, but the usernames and passwords do not work.

let me check that

looking nice, are you planning an iphone version?

yes we are planning

Any plans for an iOS version?

yes we are trying to do IOS version as well

I dont understand: why have a doctor only a acess via Smartphone? U think really a doctor, accept requests with his smartphone? Make a online Login for all too, like the admin Login.

yes we are working on it as a seprate app. for patient point of view as well

can you make the research of doctor will be with the area and the specialiste (the both in the same time ) ?

yes we can do that. it should be new feature

give your email to discuss abt it


I try the apk file, it’s not working. Can you check the file to make sure it’s working? Thanks!

what error you get. so we can check

its was a glinch fixed thanks for letting me know

I already have a website. How do I transfer all the content to this app?

you need to use our admin to do that. you have to do manual data entry

Hi! i really like your app, but before buying i wanna ask you something about the Administrator Login. does all the buyers have the same Administrator Login? or i will have my own account to add the doctors from my country only. thanks.

just buy hosting

Send me a video and show me how to.. i’ll be so thankful

you just need to go to google and search hosting you find a lot of sites. or simply go to godaddy.com

How can I make money if I buy this template? Can Sign up only enabled for patients so that doctors should be created manually via web but be able to use the login credentials trough smartphone?

it depends on you. you can take money from doctors and users on registration or on booking

App is with amazing UI. Good luck with sales.


This app is in android eclipse or android studio

android studio

Any plans for an iOS version?

not now

u have to purchase app first buddy

Probleme Register my account for app

+ but the usernames and passwords do not work.

you have to purchase app to get support :)