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122 comments found. username: meetio password: India@123

Kindly Fix I am getting the Error

A Database Error Occurred

Error Number: 1146

Table ‘meetio_db.ci_sessions’ doesn’t exist

INSERT INTO `ci_sessions` (`session_id`, `ip_address`, `user_agent`, `last_activity`, `user_data`) VALUES (‘af449be125ff334105d93d388b470a05’, ‘’, ‘Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:51.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/51.0’, 1489092050, ’’)

Filename: libraries/Session.php

Line Number: 328

Thanks But what is the username and password for admin

Error Number: 1364

Field ‘is_logged_in’ doesn’t have a default value

INSERT INTO `member` (`username`, `password`, `email`, `gender`, `looking_for`, `dob`, `dated`, `verification_code`, `country`) VALUES (‘spintrek’, ‘4bc48e00300464d2670958ab3c8982ea’, ‘’, ‘male’, ‘Female’, ‘1980-09-01’, ‘2017-03-23 07:46:36’, ‘d376392a483a870ae3fdb115cb4900f9’, ‘India’)

Filename: /home/meetio/public_html/models/member_model.php

Line Number: 10

Catn even Register

Hi, There are too many issues in your script as I checked in a demo. I want to purchase but after resolution of problems.

Premium users

Emojis, Gifts to send user,

Photos Like

Proper Ajax Notification Real time

Chat not working Properly

seriously what will it take to get my money back? This script is NOT working and i am pissed off that evanto said they quality checked it. bull crap they did. Support is slow on tihs and i have a business i need to get online and going!

Hi, I am unable to open Admin or any of the pages on my site except the main page. It’s showing 404 Not found error. Can you help me in resolving the issue. I have sent you the SFTP credentials in your message box. Please keep in mind that you need to select SFTP instead of FTP when trying to login to the server as it is an amazon web server.

Hi did you update the .htaccess file

Thanx for the prompt reply. I guess the only problem i faced was the htaccess file. All things are working now!

How can we have a demo of the admin backend ? Thank you :-)


I need to know can I make change in code to make as per my functionality


Hi yes you can change the code

Is it possible to make sex change? Enter I am a man or woman and you can choose between Bisex, Gay, Trans etc.

Chat is not working? Why do you say it have chat if it doesn’t work

Forget password doesnt workd, sincethe system cant send email

what is the issue you are facing in chat?

ya, i have found the problem. I should have changed the URL inside chat.js. you should have appropriate URL. One last thing will i configure Email?


I want to know How can I do chat option responsive ?


Chat is not responsive at all. Please update your code or let me know how can i do it..


Please check that the chat is not responsive as all. Please check my site : : user: monika pass: monika123

Hi we will check this issue and will resolve soon

Hello, I buy your script but do not work !! I can not find the admin page or user

i think you didn’t configure all the things properly. also in .htaccess file base url needs to set as well.

Hello, during a local registration error:

Error Number: 1364 Field ‘id’ doesn’t have a default value INSERT INTO `member` (`username`, `password`, `email`, `gender`, `looking_for`, `dob`, `dated`, `verification_code`, `country`) VALUES (‘root15454’, ‘e624b1cd2c177205c2df9153dbf89b3d’, ‘’, ‘male’, ‘Female’, ‘1951-02-02’, ‘2017-07-14 11:08:29’, ‘15a6ae77852ecc5ce34874c1c1d453a7’, ‘Albania’) Filename: D:\wamp6412\www\glanceSys\database\DB_driver.php Line Number: 330

can you post it on live so we can check your issue, on local we can’t check your issue.

this is a brilliant script. but these days native mobil apps are kings as you know. i think implementing a mobile app for this script will boost your sale for sure.

can the profile page be adjusted, meaning the positioning of the items. I’d prefer to have the photo in the top left instead… how possible? Instead of having to scroll down to see the photo.

Also can the fields be customized? Instead of placing your phone number on a dating site… can that be an interest??

yes everything is customizeable.

Hi, There is some problem with my user registration form. It always shows an error when submitting the entries. Could you please have a look ?

Please check “” for issues

I have done all necessary things specified in your documentation. Nothing is left. I am unable to detect the issue

I have done all necessary things specified in your documentation. Nothing is left. I am unable to detect the issue

please send your site access(cpanel) in email and we will fix it

was going to buy this but not sure… as a lot of people on here seem to have problems.

Mobile not working properly, work more on mobile and I will buy it. :)

if you solve all the problems that has been mentioned on the comments then i also plan to buy it

Hi there, i like your script. Its easy to use :) So i have translate the english to german (80% are finsih yet) – But how i can display the data in the database in german? I save data in english, so have i to make some changes in the profile tamplate to get the infos in german?

Thanks for your help :)

See you

Where is a demo?

Hi there, If I buy it, would it be easy to change the template to look like ? See the screenshots.


yes you can change design whatever you want. you will get source code after buying so you can easily mange.