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hi, nice script, it’s possibile to do payment system for this script? I as admin can create and manage 3-4 subscription profiles and decide 1 free and other for monthly o yearly payment. I send you my mail to explain well.

Yes sure it can be possible and we will do it, right now we are looking for customers reviews so we will add functionality accordingly

I have looked at this script and find it has not been thought out at all well. And that I think you need to make some big changes if you expect to charge $30 for it, as you have not done any research into Dating businesses if you think people should consider paying for this script in its current state, let alone the price you are asking. I will detail a few important issues why it should be considered an unfinished script.

1 – And the biggest issue, is there is no way for an Admin to make any money from it! You have no payment provider options, no payment options, no membership options, no pay-to-promote-profile options and nothing at all that seems to monetise it. This script in its current state is only good if you are an Admin that is happy to let people use your dating site for FREE like a charity, and you pick up the ever-increasing hosting costs! Where does anyone make any profit from this?!?

2 – The entire demo site which shows off the script is so littered with poor grammar, spelling errors and other issues that it looks unprofessional, amateurish, half-finished and rushed. I don’t think you should charge the price you are charging for a script that requires customers who buy it, to then go through the language file themselves to correct all the spelling mistakes. You should make sure the script is 99.9% finished and polished BEFORE selling it, not selling it half-baked and expecting the person who paid for it to then finish off the work or wait an unknown period of time for you to offer an update. All it takes is an hour or two with an English-speaking person to proof-read it first.

3 – If you WERE to take on board that you add a payment option for people to upgrade or pay to send messages, (which is the entire point of running a dating site is to make money), the very last thing you want is for the customers paying to be on your site to then leave the site. But your script is giving all members the chance to give out their Phone Number, Email Address and so on, on their profile which completely avoids the need to upgrade or pay. Where can you make money from your members if they don’t subscribe because everyone is posting their number and email address on their profiles so they can be browsed and collected?

4 – And this is a warning to potential Admins considering allowing phone numbers to be posted. If you do not have a verification system in place to confirm a number belongs to that member posting it, then it allows ANYONE to create a profile and post other peoples numbers on a dating site. When the real person who owns that number starts to get dozens of calls a day from sleazy men wanting sex, they are quickly going to find out where they are getting their number from and press charges/seek damages against the site owners for allowing it to be posted without any safeguards in place. Ignoring the point 3 above about making ZERO money from this script if you allow the users to post alternative methods of contact, you will certainly find people abusing your site by creating ex-girlfriend profiles and posting their ex-girlfriends numbers. Unless you can verify that the number being posted belongs to the member who posted it, then I would steer clear of this option of private details being allowed to be posted publicly.

Overall—It has potential for being a good script but I think that it lacks some incredibly important features, is not polished and feels rough around the edges, and has some serious security blunders in place that is opening up anyone that buys this script to possibly a lot of people complaining or seeking damages! I hope the developer takes on board the feedback above and makes the changes, because I wouldn’t pay for this script in its current state and certainly not at $30 when there are at least 3 or 4 other scripts that offer everything this doesn’t for the same sort of price.

Hi, first of all I would like to let you know that the script price is set by CodeCanyon and they do complete testing before approving any script and also I believe they knows better than anyone.

- In current version the payment gateway is not integrated. We’ll be integrating it in our coming version. Although you can put ads for earning some dollars.

- Website content is manageable from admin panel. You need to read the documentation provided with script.

- There is privacy setting for each profile. Each user can set his/her privacy settings. You can hide or show your phone, email, and other information related to you.

Purchase the script, explore it and then raise the issues, we are here to make it more better. You have just mentioned two or three points but we have already 9 new modules and improvement that we’ll be integrating in our coming versions.

Hello That `s nice work I will buy There are some shortcomings.

ONLY SUGGEST?ON 1) It is not possible to win money 2) Sending SMS messages 3) Chat area

Hi Herme, You can purchase and explore current version. We’re working on new modules. In our next version we’ll be including more functionality.

looks good! i’m waiting for my money from adsense and i will maybe buy! :)

Respected sir i intersted this scirpt my some question plesae

this script if life time update

2. i was install it on my domain sub folder for exmaple my site is i was this suf folder install this work or not

4. if problem the install can you help me

5. the themes who is on demo same on primum scirpt when buy thems look front

adsense ready put ads here or not through the admin

thanks wait your reply please

yes it will be update time by time you can install it anywhere you want it will work yes sure we will help you to install yes it will same theme as it is in demo yes you can manage ads easily, if you need any help we will help you…

Nice script. My only problem is that site is not mobile friendly…

Yes right now its not mobile friendly but we will update it in a week or so as we are working or some orther modules as well

Hey. Maybe i want buy this Script.. but i have any questions.

1. will it have more languages? (maybe german etc.)

2. can i add on this script custom profil fields in admin panel?

3. can we search later peoples “nearly” or in area of X km / miles?

4. when i get a friend request.. or a new comment. where can i see my notifications? or will this coming soon?

5. will comes a feature that i can like a profile that i like?

greetz tobias

1. Right now it is only in English
2. You can customize this script what ever you want to do
3. Right now this feature is not included
4 You can check them in friend request list
5. you can add profile in your favourite list which you like most.

Hello, I am very interested by your plugin. Not seen on the demo,

Template available? Style: Meetic, badoo


payment system by credit card, by paypal, by Cheque, by transfer to a bank account ?.

French language? Admin and Site.

zodiac sign birth date automatically ?.

How to do Possible with your plugin, make the site free for women, for men 15 free days, after 15 days the men more access. more proof discuss with women, more proof send messages ect ….

Then, once incsription Termier, woman or man Women in the “group” Automatic wife . men in the “group” Automatic man

Thank you

I don’t know why i bought this but ive seen now what’s missing

- cache system must be integrated

- lazy load images everywhere

- some issues with responsive version

- Show first who’s online on site also number of users + setting in admin panel (list who’s online – yes / no) show number of online users – yes/no

- one room chat for all users – if u want add this

- Automatic country selection at signup + automatic country select when search for profiles + in admin section update GeoIP database directly from ripo

- better / different search – ajax based search

sorry i don’t have too much time to analyze it, but i will and come back and tell ya what and how

Thank you for purchasing
we are working on these thing like payment system, chat room etc. we will update soon these thing.

Hi does this script have the “meet me” feature that is seen on most dating sites?

sorry not yet but we will add this feature soon

I’d buy if a “meet me” match system would be added.

my purchase code: 4c024d25-398c-4679-80ac-32e2d9bfe269 – 14 May 2016 ….i have done all according to your installation document…but its showing erro as “Unable to connect to your database server using the provided settings.

Filename: core/Loader.php

Line Number: 346”

Also i would like to tell you that there is no such file existing in core/loader.php….in downloaded script also…please help me as soon as possible

plz chek ur email i send u FTP detail…

when will u check and tell me ?

Hi we have a weekend here but we will check it asap. Sorry for delay

There’s a free dating theme for wordpress buddy press like this. If you want to beat that, you should add a few extra such as meet me, a chat page, and possible video chat add on. Maybe even use tinychat app. Also a FB comment per profile would be cool too. Some thoughts to making it beat BuddyPress.

Right now we will add payment and some other features in it. We have added a custom comments system against every profile and gallery pictures, if anyone want to add FB comments that’s not a difficult part to do.but in near Future we will implement more features according to our buyers requirements.

hi when are you going to develop a responsive version?

Hope so in next 7 to 10 days. We will update some other features as well like payments

not done with updates yet?

Hi, I’d like to buy your product, it is great, but needs improvements I recommend abit

First of all I would like you to try video chatting or calling function because without this feature, you are dating site will not because others have tried as to why not you try because without this feature are always a great thing missing from this dating site in this Internet age

Not seen on the demo, And to create a dating site Meetic Style, badoo …..... Do you have the style templates: Meetic, badoo?

Can it be other languages? (Perhaps French etc.) can we find people later “almost” or in the area of ??X km / miles? When I receive a friend request .. or a new comment. where can I see my notifications? or will this come?

Add functionality to your plugins:

possible with your plugin, make the site free for women, for men 15 days free, after 15 days, men more access. more proof discuss with women, more proof of sending messages ect ….

Then once incsription Termier, woman or man women in the “group” Automatic wife. men in the “group” Automatic man

-system payment by credit card, paypal, check, wire transfer to a bank account ?.

-try to add a Chat function box as Facebook that pop out from the bottom of the site where people can chat like facebook that everyone loves

—signe zodiac birth date automatically ?.

- Ability to send pictures in chat

- Photo Lightbox (like Facebook)

credit system

basic account system and premium

- Perform all friends Shares directly from the profile page (add friend / accept the application / request for cancellation / unfriend)

try to do the work of announcing the site’s layout where the customer realize he is an ad like facebook and add a feature where everyone could ads also like facebook, that would be great

improve your mobile to your script atleast be something as simple and easy facebook mobile with video call as facebook and advertisements inside the post or page layout where the customer would never do this is an ad

geolocation of users, always showing them the first closer.

I recommend you check this link if you want to add the video chat feature as

Thank you

Hello, you plan to add new features when? thank you

Hello, you have, add features requested thank you

Hello, Not yet

possible to get fake users?

in this script if anyone register, if admin approve his account then it will display on site, so very less chance of fake users

demo Login don’t works

Check now its working

Hi,please add one function that so user can invite they friend from other social like facebook,email and more.. will see time to time on this prodduct and will phurchase after our team agree.. :)

Hi thanks for your suggestions we will add this in our next update

Hello I need to see the demo of admin panel and User dashboard

you can login on front view using user and pass which we give in item description, right now we are not able to provide admin access you can see in screen shots

Hello, has anyone had any problems with the script? I followed the guide for the installation, but when I click on the various links, the message:

Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was Unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator at to inform them of the time this error occurred, and the actions you performed just before this error.

More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Some help?


Google translator

Please send your ftp details via email and we will check your issue

Please send your ftp details via email and we will check your issue