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Your demo does not work

Thank you

it will be live soon

Hi ,

Question before purchase

1) Could you add a function to make a free registration for women and for men to have a free trial function, for example 15 days after 15 days, the man will be restricted, can not read their message nor answer nor chat, can not consult women profiles etc …....

The administrator can restrict access to men and choose how many days

2) Could you add the payment system by check and by bank transfer. System Credits – Users can purchase virtual currencies (credits), which they can use to enable premium features around the site.

3) Could you add a counter in real time as on badoo?

4) Compatible with php7?

5) Could you add a support center to your “Add Ons” plugin?

6) The admin account does not work Add Ons to add users from admin panel Facebook Connect – users can connect their Facebook account and import their information such as work, education and interests into their profile.

7) Activation of the automatic registration e-mail HTML (Badoo style) Automatic reminder email (Badoo style) HTML automatic birthday mail (Badoo style) Birthday greetings message (Badoo style) Birthday popup greetings

8) Photo Verification – Users can check their profile by uploading a photo of themselves, making a specific gesture, proving they are a real person.

Your PHP script is missing a lot of function

Thank you

Hi, these functionality is not added in our current script, if you want us to modify this script for you then you can hire our developer to make these changes.

Hi how long till demo is up?

sorry our we are shifting our server to new one that’s why it is down hopefully it will up in next few hours

can not install on my web, it says no valid plugins were found I ‘m gonna apply for refund, thank you

Hi its not any kind of plugin, its a php script.

codecanyon permet la vente de n’importe quoi

yes it allows

Edit Profile -> Looking For -> Age From, works only from 18 to 30 Years. Edit Profile -> Looking For -> Age To, works only from 19 to 31 Years.

glanceApp > views > search_view.php

The script only works if you are not logged in. If you are logged in, the profiles are not displayed. In your demo it does not work in my project.

can you share your link and ftp as well so I can check your issues.

Sorry, that was my mistake. It was because not enough members were registered, as well as accounts whose profiles were not revised were not displayed.

Where I should add the admin email for “contact us” page? Account verification and reset password are working fine

goto glanceApp > views and open contact_view.php here you can change contact us page email and phone etc.

I did that already. The form itself doesn’t send messages to admin neither it does connect to the “contact_us” table in the database. There is no connection of the form with admin’s email.

pre-sales – Is the website responsive? Do you have andriod and iphone apps for this script? Is it a hybrid app like ionic? Where can I demo the mobile apps?

hi yes its responsive, not apps are available, but we can develope on demand

How much will you charge for adding a Street Chat like this one? Really need it. Thank you very much!

it will charge $500


elena31 Purchased

Good morning, when a user registers, the account verification email does not arrive. How can I solve? Thank you.