Discussion on Online Cake and Cupcake Design for Woocommerce

Discussion on Online Cake and Cupcake Design for Woocommerce

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Does the plugin support multi vendors like Dokan?

It works with woocmmerce. So, you need to think woocommerce point of view . Thanks.

did the guest can select a flavors from multiple choice ???

Hii, There is an issue in text format when i choose text format button and write it but nothing is showing in the front end. Please visit my url:

Please submit your issue details and access information in a Ticket at and our support team will jump onto resolve your issues.

Thanks Nasif

Hi, can I also aoffer a preset of colors. For instance only green and red or is that not possible?

We can provide custom solution to offer you such features. Please email us to

Hi, I am trying to view your documentation and none of it is viewable

What is the resolution and file type? i.e. .jpg .pdf

Does this plugin work with woocommerce product variations?

Hi, I just checked and could see the documentation here :

Can you please try again :!/documenter_cover

You need to use all PNG images. Thanks

Thanks, what is the file type and resolution that the app creates to download and print via admin?

The documentation is not viewable, all I can see on every page is the menu on the left hand side and this content…

Online Cake and Cupcake Design

created: 02/24/2016
latest update: 03/02/2016
by: SolverCircle Ltd

Thank you for purchasing our “Online Cake and Cupcake Design” Plugin. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email via our user page contact form. Thank you so much!

Perhaps you can see it because you are logged in?

Hi, I am sorry and confused, why are you unable to see the documentation. Please send us an email to and we shall send you the Documentation as attachment. Thanks.

please put language file and po file

Thank you Is it responsive and supports other languages

Please email us to for language conversion.

When are you going to fix the issue with the plugin hijacking variable price configurations? If you turn your plugin off variable prices work fine with WooCommerce. if you turn it on, it doesn’t work at all.

There’s no other plugins installed which is interfering with it. It’s your plugin which is interfering with the pricing.

What point is it to have a cake designer when you can’t sell candles and different size cakes. Why did you even include the pricing bit inside the plugin when it can be done with WooCommerce.

I’ll hold off for a day before I turn my good review into a bad one.

Hi Gerry, Our team has checked and advised you regarding how to set the variation options and price. Please check and follow the procedure to get correct result. Thanks :)

Thank you Nasif. You are simply amazing.

It was nice to work with you and please remove the above comments, because these may confuse our other purchasers.



Hello I’m looking for something to assemble a cake online, choosing size, fillings, pasta etc …


Is there any solution like this?

Please email us to to get a Quotation.

I use the plugin now which is great however design print works, but when I want print Logo I get a empty print screen??

And the font options can we put in more than 2 options?

Yes, Of Course you can put as many fonts as you want. Just upload your fonts to the appropriate folder. Please submit your issue details in a Ticket at and we shall get back to you as fast as possible.

Do you have an admin panel or test website?

You can check the Documentation of this item to see the Admin features screenshots.

Hello, is there any admin accedd in the demo page so we can check to see how it works? Thank you George

The Admin panel is very easy to use. Please check the screenshots here in the documentation for admin features :!/admin_cake_design_options

how to translate this plugin . there is no po file every thing is in english

Po files are yet to be offered, we shall add them in next release

when will be the next realease may i ask or can u send it to me and ill do the rest pleasssssssssssse