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will it work bilingual and RTL?


envatosupp Author Team

No, it won’t.

Hi I’ve purchased app and website. I am so far unable to install the website. I’ve sent an email to, and submitted support ticket #2363 with attached png of install error message. The error is:

“Unable to connect to your database server using the provided settings.

Filename: controllers/Installer.php

Line Number: 7”

I can’t seem to locate editable files to bypass, or fix the error, and I am currently checking files, and combing through error logs, attempting to locate the source of the error. It is on a dedicated server which we manage, so please let me know what needs to be done to get it working. Thanks in advance.

Oh, I already sent credentials as requested. Thanks :-)

Hey, thanks for the great support. Everything’s up and running now. I have another request, which I am putting in via ticket.

well. thanks for the feedback, we will help you for sure. please provide us with a 5star rating so that we would be work more better in the long run

I had like to know , is it possible to customize the app or website script Zip Code to location instead, so when users search for service, it will pick the nearest mechanic available?


envatosupp Author Team

Yes, customization is possible.

Hello, I would like to buy this script. I see many of things not working properly as I want to purchase this script for one of my vendor. This what we find not there and after adding make in system it is not reflected in front system.

1> Tax management – Sales Tax Service Tax, GST etx 2> Invoice Print in Admin 3> Job Card Print 4> Export Reports 5> Mobile Front End View is Faulty

My Skype ID further discussion : VersionNext


envatosupp Author Team

For the functionalities to work, you have to enter everything from A-Z in the admin panel properly.

I like your script but when im filling greek in admin forms creates bugs


envatosupp Author Team

Language translation has not been implemented. If you need this feature, we shall do it as an additional customization.

hi i would like to purchase this web version and app version, but want to know if we can customize the existing fields into dependable fields example type :car | bike | bicycle etc etc brand : suzuki | yamaha etc etc model : abc | def etc etc issue : xyz | abc etc etc if yes then please reach out to me on please let me know ASAP


envatosupp Author Team

Hi, Sorry for the delayed response. Please send your customization requirements to and we shall help you with the same..


1. Can be translated? 2. Mechanics can add their works (eg. oil change)? Or just select from those added by admin? 3. Mechanics can add different prices for the same services? 4. Mechanics can add new models of cars? 5. Can add new pages? 6. It can translate links? I want to translate in Romanian.

I tried to see how it works site, but does not function properly. When you are logged in, I do not see the option that can add services ((not in profile editing page). How can add mechanic services rendered?

Thank you in advance!

If you buy it, you can help me with translations and adding a new page (FAQ)?

Mechanics have access to the admin panel? Or the admin panel of mechanics?

Sorry, it was a mistake from our side. Mechanic can log in via frontend and make the necessary changes. Please check the demo.

Error 404 to installation. Can you help me with installation? Thank you in advance!

Please send a mail to and our support team shall help you with the installation.

Does the mobile app sync with what’s going on web app and vice versa?

Yes, the app and the website has a common admin panel.

Hello, I feel very interested by Auto connect. Does the demo reflect the actual script ? Some menus or navigations looks not so very modern, will you still improve or update it in the future ? Auto connect have specifics features that interesting me but looks older and not so attractive than other scripts (UX). Thank you for your answer !

As of now, we are not planning on an update but we shall definitely improve the design in our next update. Thank you for your suggestion.If you want it to be done now, then we shall do it as an additional customization.

It’s not nice to lie.

Message received from me:

Your answer:

envatosupp Author Team

Hi, as our support team had informed you, we do not have the features addressed by you. If you need those features, we shall do it as an additional customization. Also, all our customers have the option to check the existing features before purchasing the product using the demo available at Envato.