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Awesome game! Well done :)

Is it ad integrated? Thanks.

Admob is added

Version 1.1 is uploaded with admob. It will be available in few hours.

any integrated ads ? Please add admob and startapp too. Thank you

Admob is added

Why the screenshots are different with the images on item details?

You can see there are some set of puzzle : animal, fruit,etc…

sorry, that’s not what i means. i mean is the UI, i see that there is such kind of loading bar in the top of the puzzle, also in the item details page the puzzle is 12×7 but in the screenshot is only 10×7. I means do you have the version which similar like the picture in the item details? ( ). Thanks.

The promote image is little bit different, but does not affect quality of project. They’re almost same.

HI, i have a problem with the game… At the game over scene, after the interstitial ad is playing, the resume scene will come out. And if we click on Resume button, it will go to the previous game screen and continue the game, but the timer will be counting down to minus 1, 2, 3 and so on.

Please solve this bug. Thanks

Ok I will check it. Thanks

For quick fix, please open file com/ittus/zgamepikachu/, delete line 47 mEngine.setScene(loading.resume.mScene);
I will update new version soon.
Thank you again for your comment.

is that all the bugs above are fixed ?

Yes, all bugs are fixed

Awasome, i want to buy this source. But, can i change main-board player to full screen?

I find a bug. when playing for awhile. It cannot link when click matching picture.

Thanks for reply. I test on AVD it is show bug,but test on mobile it not have a bug.

Thank you for purchasing

This bug has been show when use the older version. I Test on Android 2.3.3 in AVD and mobile bug has been show but test on Android 4.4.x in AVD and mobile bug not show. I will test it on more version of android.

Hi, i have some other questions: 1. what is EatItem.diemcong for? 2. what are and for?


Hi, I’m the owner of this image, and I have all the rights of it since I made it. Please remove it from your Description, or I will contact Codecanyon. Thanks

Price for re-skin?

Please send me a private message for detail. The price is depend on the graphic’s quality which you need.

How to add banner ads ?

And also I am receving no resource found @integer/google_play_services_version when i open the project in eclipse

Please check the library dependency of main project. You have to included google play services as a library.

Problem solved. Is there way to add banner ads to the game ?

hi is it possible to give me without ads system?

hi I have purchased your game, now I need ads free version. How can I get this or how can I make my game ads free? I sent you private message. Please help asap.

Hi, I see a problem, when I achieve a level and pause the game and next continue, I see, my achieved level lost and again start it from level 1 and if I exit from game, it starts from level 1, It is very important issue, so Please tell me know can I solve this issue?

Haha, just purchased this app. It looks totally different than the promotion images.

Don’t waste your money. The source code is unreadable.

WTF, I want to refund