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Do you actually have any screenshots of a wp site that actually uses this?

Am intending to setup a photo based theme site, that grabs pictures off a skydrive account.

Hi. I don’t have a public site I can share with you. But let me try to explain something. I have a few plugins already that grab files from different providers (SkyDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Photobucket, ImageShack). Their major objective is to download the files from the service provider to the local WordPress setup. Some of these plugins allow using a direct embed link for the resource instead of loading the file/image into the WordPress Media Library. Once you do this, the image will appear on the frontend post as expected, and the functionality is available in the backend after logging in. You should look for the various plugins since they have different extended options and improvements. Unfortunately SkyDrive doesn’t allow embedding a public link right now. Here is the link to all plugins,

I keep getting this error: Warning: require_once(DIR/common_functions.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/###private###/public_html/###private###/wp-content/plugins/SkyDriveDownloader/SkyDriveDownloader.php on line 32

Happens after I activate it.

humm, it must be a php version limitation error. I remember I made a fix for another plugin in order to make it available on lower php versions. please send me a message through my profile page so I get your email and send you necessary files directly.

Hi. I have just submitted a new version of this plugin that will support older PHP versions, and will likely solve your issue. I have enabled a notice for all buyers as soon as Envato reviews the new deliverable. If you would like to receive it right away, please contact me through my profile page.

Please me informed the new version has been released for download. Let me know if any issues persist.

It say: No image files found in current folder but actually I ave picture in that folder.

Meanwhile: your app not work with subfoler? I have to enter to lowest level of folder that include image to get it?

They all jpeg. I saved setting and try again and again but it still not work

Do it need send a video for you to showing that?

please send me a message through my profile page so we can talk over email

No files found in current folder!

This program does not work.

I am going to get my money back.

humm… ok then. if you happen to want support you can use the contact form on my profile.

1 star – paid close to $300 for custom integration, but developer wants more money to complete, even though he is now offering similar plugin to my custom project.

Hello, I’m looking for a plugin that allows EACH USER to load their own files in to Wordpress.

Example: User1 logs in, creates a post, and inserts a photo from their OneDrive.

User2 logs in and see it.


Will your plugin do this?

hi. this plugin was meant for a single setting/user. however, I have annother plugin, not yet published, that does this. send me a message through my profile if you are interested

Yes, very interested. Please send more details :)

use the contact form in my profile pelase so we talk via email

not work…error

thank you, its work now

hon can i choose menu all select for download. because many image

download all not supported at the moment