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Great template. Minor UI issue … on iOS in landscape mode/orientation, when selecting ‘Show menu’ the menu is initially drawn in a smaller font then it resizes to larger font.

I am interested in this but it doesn’t seem to be responsive on my screen.. I even skipped through the iframe and went straight through to your website : http://www.cottonfruits.com/one_website_for_all_devices/dark/portfolio.html

Does this work on wordpress sites? Second question: Can I use this on my existing site but just create a mobile or Ipad version without changing the site? Thanks

Let me add my support to all of the wodrpress bunch out there: we need this in a form of a wordpress plugin – or theme ;)

Create it and we will buy it ;)

How do we change the image without using a gif in Photoshop. The banner and none of the images are showing up while we are editing the template. We are using Dreamweaver and IE 10. Thanks great template by the way.

cottonfruits:::: Yor Rule! Thanks!

Hello, thanks for the template, it is by far the best and most comprehensive one I have used as of yet.

Just having one problem. I have been remaking my site and it has all been going fine then I suddenly realized when testing on a phone the menu collapsible menu has disappeared. Im not sure what the problem is but I think maybe a conflicting bit of code in there somewhere.

I have looked for a while now and still can’t figure it out so I was wondering as the person who would know the most about the theme maybe you could have a quick look and see if you notice anything wrong in the code.

Any help is greatly appreciated and thanks a lot for the theme! :)


Aren’t you updating this anymore? Last update seems to be from 2011.

Hi Ive been pulling my hair out with the contacts page the does the submit button have an automatic mailto function somewhere that i can change the email address.

ps really love this code . I have a few more sites to build so will be buying more. keep up the good work

is ready to publish? can i publish with my url? https:?? i wait your answer. i have problems with other app en ios, to publish