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How do you get rid the no items in cart page, we want to use the one that is in your theme, or how do we edit it?

We need to customize as per your need.

Can’t access the demo. Is it this extension: http://www.xhtmljunkies.com/product/one-step-checkout ? Or is it different? (The demo seems responsive to me)

Hi, I am sorry but we review this extension with all browser Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera and here i shared the latest screencast images which we take jus right now.

CHROME WINDOWS : http://screencast.com/t/VjUbsy1ydEZu MOZILLA WINDOWS : http://screencast.com/t/8FFiREkkCIs0 IE10 WINDOWS : http://screencast.com/t/JKlKyD5X SAFARI WINDOW : http://screencast.com/t/jlhKUiDYNo IE9 WINDOWS : http://screencast.com/t/5KKw5NHvF5pR

May be there is some issue with your Internet loading or other things.

I’m pretty sure you’ve updated parts like the css or js of this extension in the past? Seems parts were still cached, with results like stated above. However, if you force the browser to dump the cache, the layout is fine. This affects Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari.


Its fixed now. pls check.

how configurable is the shipping method module?

Would like to have a Commercial or Residential check box that must be selected, and fee charged accordingly.

Right now I see in demo – Fixed 5 dollars and free check boxes, we would need to change wording.



Shipping method is fully configurable by default in magento.. you can do normal way… one step will bring all that on one screen as standard..

If you have customize theme and customize shipping logic then you need code in that.. rest is fine..


I have installed your extension and in the logs I can see it keeps contacting IWD Agency for license check http://interiorwebdesign.com/magento/opclicense/opcstat.php

Why is that? Is this an IWD page extension?

to make sure it should not be pirated..


Last week I sent an email with my question, but without response so far.

I bought your plugin, installed it and it looks nice. But, I keep getting a notice “passwords don’t match” even though the client doesn’t want to make an account.

How to fix this?

We do not get this password option in this extension because it is not the functionality of this extension.

Well, I’ve switched to another “one page checkout” extension and no problem there. Also the normal checkout page works just fine. It’s your extension that’s causing this error.

Apparently this has to with an update to 1.9.1 or later: http://www.magikcommerce.com/blog/fix-please-make-sure-password-match-issue-magento-1-9-1-0/

They’ve solved it. I have no idea however where to put that piece of code.

This is the issue rising because of registration and as we do not have this functionality in our extension chances for getting this error is zero.

I still can’t get my license key, and I have sent you guys an email two days ago. please update me.

We had emailed you Key..

I checked my email but I am not seeing it.

Im working with stripe and mijireh….The plugin support these platform ? Also, did you make it responsive already ?

Thanks dude!

yes we made that.

Hello, I want to use your checkout with DHL Intraship (https://www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/dhl-intraship.html). I read that you can customize your extension to be compatible with DHL Intraship. How much will be the customization? Thank you and best regards

please share your email address. we will send you quote.

can you email us at support@xhtmljunkies.com so that our team will send you hours. this will be approx 20 hours job.

Where is I can find info about install? I coppy app and skin folders but no modul in config(

I have only two days to get help from you, otherway I must to get refund

License Key (Production)* I ordered module 9 days ago. You didnt send me “License Key” I cant use your module

Hi,, We have sent you key. Kindly review that.. let me know if you have any queries.

is it support manegto 2.0?