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Hi, may i know how many questions do you have? since I played for several rounds and found that the questions kept repeating shown. Just want to know if the questions are generated randomly or stored in some JSON Obj.

Hey, The questions are stored in a JSON file you can easily add or change them.

May I know how many questions in the official package?

15 Questions

Looks awesome :) GLWS :)


to change the questions, do we need software such as construct?

No, you can edit the question.json to change them.

is 15 the limit? how can limit be modified?

There is no limit. You can add how many question you want with editting question.json file. But you should know those when you add or change the questions :

-When you play the game, first 4 questions are coming randomly from the first 5 questions in the json file to make start easy. So consider that when you change the questions.

Also the game change the text size to fit question in one line. The question lengths should be 9, 13, 17 (including spaces).

Thanks for purchasing!

Nice work, GLWS! :)


Where can I set another time for the time you have on answering the questions? I’ve been messing around with Construct 2 and it seems like, everytime I try to put a different time it effects everything.

Please send me a mail then we can talk: mervetalunn@gmail.com

Hi Please let me know 1. How I can translate phrases: loading, one plus two, high score? 2. How I can change link from star (actual is to your codecanyon profile). Thank you in advanced


Thanks for purchasing. Please mail me then I can tell you how to edit the .capx: mervetalunn@gmail.com

Actually, I’ve answered your mail before. Would you like to have a contact with me with a different mail?

Nicely done – I love it!

Few things I’m curious about:
1. Would it be possible that players can enter their name (or initials) after achieving a new highscore?
2. Can we speed up the game gradually? So your script would reduce response time limit by ‘x’ milliseconds every 10 questions?
3. Is it possible to have a background music track next to sound effects?

Keep up the good work!

Thank you very much for your interest and kind comments!

Could you please send me a mail, then we can talk the details: mervetalunn@gmail.com

Why different with your game? No sound! It got it does not work? What’s the reason?


Please let me know if you solve the issue. I will also check if I can find anything else for 2003 server. Thanks!

Instruction set of MIME SERVER PC will not be set! Now we had to be the case!

Oh I guess I couldn’t get what you mean. Can you explain? Sorry, I do not know much about that problem, only thing I can do is to search and tell about it.

how can i disable/hide the star and twitter link at start page? thanks

Thanks for purchasing! You should edit the .capx file with Construct 2 and export the game. Please mail me then I can explain how to do step by step: mervetalunn@gmail.com

Is documentation for reskinning included in files?

You can simply change the images in exported files. (using the same names)

Please send me a mail if you have any other questions: mervetalunn@gmail.com

How many events does it have?

There are 5 different eventsheets and the longest one has 32 events.