One Place iOS App - Multiple RSS Reader

One Place iOS App - Multiple RSS Reader

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This app developed in Objective-C brings to the user a full RSS reader featuring a nice designed main screen with a unique layout that allows the user to have a fast first look to its favorite news.

Then if the user wants to know more about any news, he/she can tap on it and a new screen pops up featuring more information. Finally, the user can also navigate to the link of the news a have a look to the complete website without leaving the app.

As usual, the app allows the user to share the link using any app installed in his/her device as Facebook or Twitter. Moreover you can almost directly built and make revenue out of this app as it also includes Google AdMob support.


- iPhone & iPad support: Works on any model of this family of devices.

- iOS8 & iOS9: Specially coded to work on the last OS major updates.

- Flat design: It has a flat design matching current web and app design trends.?

- Use of Storyboard: In order to provide a visual reference and speed up development.

- Clean & commented code: The code tries to be as basic as possible and there are comments on the most important parts.

- Auto resize with all devices: The UI adapts itself using NSLayoutConstraints and shows or hides certain elements to fit all screens. It is specially designed to look great on any screen.

- Share to any app: Thanks to in-built share protocol, you can share any link using any app installed on your device.

- Add as many feeds as you want: The user can add, edit and delete all the feeds he/she want so he/she can have it’s own custom experience.

- Extended & web preview: The user can read his feeds also using the extended and the web preview.

- Google AdMob support: We added a bottom banner to display Google AdMob ads so you can make some revenue out of this app.


- Now the user can edit the RSS feed address - Crashes have been prevented from malformed feeds

- (17 january) fixed an error that happened when using iPad and share a feed.