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Hi thanks for the update. Also as you promised me that you will add admob banner in second view. Can you update that or would mind sending me privately with the updated code. please


I did answer you and I told you to wait ‘till the weekend. Sorry if you did not receive it. Anyway I have just sent it to you.

Can please tell us what’s new in todays (17th Jan) update?

We updated the description with the update. We fixed some errors concerning sharing from iPad.

Thanks for great app. Are you planning to make android version? Add new feed area doesn’t show ”.” and ”/” and sometimes while deleting feeds app crashes. It would be great to categorize feeds. And if it would be possibile to write website name without direct link to feed to get the feed link automatically. It would be awesome.

are you planning to support atom feeds ?

i fixed statusbar problem. i have added [[UIApplication sharedApplication] setStatusBarStyle:UIStatusBarStyleLightContent]; to APPDELEGATE.M and added “View controller-based status bar appearance” – NO to the infoplist.


great you got the status bar problem solved. Right now we have no plans for atom support, sorry.

Fantastic app! It would be great if some default feeds can stay private or uneditable, but the user can add their own too. Otherwise, another developer can just take all your feeds that you’ve spend weeks finding.

Perhaps you could hide the ‘Edit RSS’ button for specific pre-defined links

Thanks! We will have it mind for next updates.

This app doesn’t seem to use the featured image. Instead it takes the next image out of the article and places it at top. Is there a fix for this?

Ignore this. I have fixed it at the website end.

Great then!

It would be great to support atom feeds, and it would be great to show error when mistakenly clicked to delete

We’ll have it mind for next updates.

Hi, I see that admob interstitial comes after every news is viewed. This is very annoying for users. Can you tell me how to make it like so that it comes only after 3 news viewed?

You could use NSUserDefaults to control when to show it. Look for the code where interstitials are shown (viewWillAppear or viewDidAppear functions) and add something like this there:

NSUserDefaults *defaults = [NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults]; if ([defaults objectForKey:@"interstitials"] == nil) { [defaults setObject:[[NSNumber alloc] initWithInt:0] forKey:@"interstitials"]; } if ([((NSNumber*)[defaults objectForKey:@"interstitials"]) intValue] == 3 ) { // show ads [defaults setObject:[[NSNumber alloc] initWithInt:0] forKey:@"interstitials"]; } else { [defaults setObject:[[NSNumber alloc] initWithInt:[((NSNumber*)[defaults objectForKey:@"interstitials"]) intValue] + 1] forKey:@"interstitials"]; }

Nice work! Are you able to add push nortifications of new cases every minute? This needs to be optional of course.

Hi and thanks!

Instead of push notifications (coming from a server) you may be referring to local notifications I suppose (correct me if I’m wrong). Nevertheless, this is not as easy as it would seem as I needed to track new content on background and this implementation is not that easy.

So, not for the moment, sorry.


I get error when i open the app : Error Retrieving RSS- A server with the specified hostname could not be found.    why?

Which one was it? I might not work with the app or maybe the format is not correct. Can you share it here?

I fixed that. When will you release new update to support atom feeds ?

I can’t give you an exact timing for this. We are really busy for this, so it enventually might come but I don’t know exactly when.

Pre-sales question. Hello. Is your app capable of displaying Wordpress website rss feeds?

The ones I tried, yes it does work!

Hello, excuse me if my question seems stupid : does the app periodically checks if there is a new entry in the rss feeds and then notify the user ? Thanx a lot

Update will be under ios 10, 11? And can I throw off an example of working on RSS feeds // http://kabarlar.org/rss.xml / http://zanoza.kg/?rss // http://www.vb.kg/?rss thanks

Hi, can you please post the code changes needed to support AFNetworking 3.x. I am using AFNetworking 3.x in my existing code while your codes are on 2.x. When I modified the codes to AFNetworking 3.x format it kept on giving me errors. Can you please give us a quick guide for this change?

Hi, Cool apps. there have version for android?

Hi, no plans for Android version for the moment.

Can I add the starting the default feed URL’s for an app that I create?

If you are saying if you can change the default feeds, yes you can! On the main view controller there is a list with the default ones so change those to whatever you need and it’ll work.