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Hello, I purchased this plugin a day or two ago. I installed the latest version and wanted to apply inverted colours to some of the rows and hide it on other rows using row settings but it doesn’t work. What should I do to make it work?

Hey – this shouldn’t really be happening. Check if this video can help.

If you could open up a ticket in our support center, a member of our team can debug this for you as well.

Sorry for bothering you – I guess the plugin just needed some time to warm up, after a hour or so it started working just fine :)

Potential customer, I’m adding a push menu to my Wordpress site and i want to able to push the navigation dots when the menu appears instead of the menu appearing over the dots…is this possible to do with this plugin? Thankyou

I’m sorry – I’m not sure if I understood your question. Could you please provide more details of your requirement?

I have a panel on the right side of the screen, when the menu icon is clicked it reveals the menu, I’m using your plugin and have set to display the ‘dots’ also on the right but I need the ‘dots’ to push out when the menu pushes out, at the minute the ’’dots’ are fixed to the right and is overlaying the menu which i don’t want. Any chance I can move the ‘dots’ container into the header.php maybe

Could you please open up a ticket on the link below so we can take a closer look –

Hi, I have one more question: in e.g. Demo 3 the dot of the current row always gets darker that the other dots – how do you make such effect? I don’t see it anywhere in the options

Sorry, I mixed it up a little – I managed to make the dots change colour when on active row, but I still don’t know how to make them change colour also on hover

Regretfully, we don’t have an option to change the color of icon on hover.

Hi, I’m looking to purchase this addon, but I see that on the demo if I want the menu to appear at the center bottom of the screen, with the icons, it doesn’t look great on mobile. Is there any way you could improve it so that the bottom menu appears center with more symmetry, rather than the flat sides that show up when it ‘breaks’ at the moment?

Sure, we will check how this can be improved.

Hello I’d like to hide the Navigator when a Swipe 4 gallery is open, not sure how to approach this.. also the Navigator seems to take the whole with of the screen, so when a theme has a “Back to Top button in that area, the BTT does not work.. as it is “below”.. THX

If you could open up a ticket in our support center, a member of our team can debug this for you.

Hi! I am planning to buy this plugin, but what I was wondering is can I set this up for just one page on my website and leave the rest of my pages and posts the way they are? Or is this one page the entire website? Thanks!

This is actually made so you can have a menu just on one page :)

It is very good plugin. But i want to ask you about Icon layout. How can we change the default icon bar of one page direction to other layout?

I am using it for ” ” . but I can not find other laypout for one page direction BAR. Please help

Thank you Quangle

I’m sorry – I’m not sure if I understood your question. Could you please provide more details of your requirement?

Hi, Can i hide the navigator bar in specific section and show it in the other sections.

You can only choose a different color (dark & lite)

But regretfully, hiding it totally in specific sections isn’t possible.

Hello. I bought your plugin . Unfortunately, it does not work properly :( scrolling does not work smoothly , but jumps to the anchors. I am using the theme “Impreza” ( I did everything according to the instructions . Please help .

the response from the support “Impreza” theme:

“As I can see One Page Navigator for Visual Composer plugin spits out errors in console even with default WordPress theme, please write to plugin developers reagarding this issue, they should provide a solution.”

I would like to recover the money.

Could you please open up a ticket in our support center so a member of our development team can debug this with you and get it resolved?


i bought you plugin, the instruction and video was not very specific. do you have a sample which i could upload?


Hi, Did you check One Page Navigator videos?

Part 1 –
Part 2 –

If still you have any questions, please open up a ticket at our support center so that a member of our team can help you.


i have a problem with the “top gutter”. depending of screen resolutions, my rows change the height, cause my website is repsonsive. So i can´t center the navigation in the right for each row. cause whene i put in one position for certain resolution, don´t works for others.

is possible to add top gutter in %?... or different top gutter with media screen querys.


We don’t have this functionality available at this moment, but we will note your suggestion for the future development. We appreciate knowing what you think about the product. Let me know if I can help you with anything else.

Hi, i would like to know if it is possible to hide one icon navigation and swap it out for another one depending on what size device you are using. Because i noticed in your demo when i view it on an ipad or an iphone (demo 7) the menu wraps around and is 4 rows hi. My solution to that would be when a certain size device is detected to either 1) choose a different one page navigation that has less options thus making it small enough to fit horizontally without wrapping. or 2) Maybe you have some responsive options to make the menu smaller (but i think that wouldn’t be the best option) please if you can help me with this i would be very greateful its the one thing from getting in the way from me buying it.

Hello, thank you so much for your interest. As for your question – we have a simple setting that will help you hide the menu on devices that are lesser than certain screen width. Regretfully, we don’t have resizing or other menu selection options.

Would this fit in your requirement?

Hello. thanks for VC.

but in my site, afte i do something in VC, (pus duplicate button, or change possition or like that) it ALWAYS “snaps” “go” up to the first row… it anoying and frustrating.

Can you tell me what i can do that it worked normally?

Hi, I have just purchased this plugin and the “gutter: is not working with well for me. I input any value, it hides behind the header. Please help, thank you!


WP-Deepak Author Team

Could you please open up a ticket in our support center so we could take a closer look at this?

Hello, I’m interested in buying your One Page Navigator, it’s exactly what I need. The only thing is, is it compatible with WordPress 4.7.2?


WP-Deepak Author Team

Yes, our plugin is compatible with latest WordPress version :).

Hello! Are you plan to make support fullpage scrolling?


WP-Deepak Author Team

Yes, we are planing to add this feature in our future development of the plugin.

Hi, I’m interested to purchase this plugin but i have only two questions. I’m using visual composer and I’m looking for plugin that allows to create onepage menu. The navigation that I’m looking is inside the page and fix at the top of the screen when user scroll down to the page. It is very similar to this example The plugin allows this? I would also that menu has an active status when user clicks on specific menu item. In your demos seems there isn’t that, it has only an hover status. Thank you


WP-Deepak Author Team

Thanks for taking interest in our plugin!

If I am not wrong, are you seeing something like this example:

Just to let you know, our plugin does not create a menu. It just adds an ID to the menu to sync with the same row ID in order to scroll the page to the specific row.

Hi, Is One Page Navigator for Visual Composer PHP 7 compatible?

Yes, one page navigator is compatible with PHP 7 :).

Hi, I have 2 questions here:

1. Can I check if that your plugin support scrolling of inner elements, that is, when I clicked on Tab 1 at the top of the page, the page will scroll slowly to Tab 2 at the bottom of the page?

2. I refer to your demo: Is the right scrolling bar independent of the default menu creation by Wordpress? Am I able to display the title of each section permanently on the right scrolling bar?

Thank you.

You can refer to the following link. We have used the one page navigator here:

You’ll see that the content is in each row.

And, yes, you can use the navigation bar which won’t effect your main menu. You can also use the tooltip feature where you can insert a section title within it.


I refer to your link:

For the right scrolling bar, can I insert words or pictures in place of the icon?

Only icons are applicable on the scrolling bar :).

Is it possible to change the menu nav at the top of a specific page? I have a number landing pages and would like to use a different menu than what’s on the other pages. thanks


Our one page navigator does not alter the menu bar on a website. It only adds the id so that it can smoothly navigate through the sections on a page.