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I want to buy this extension but i bought one of your themes. And the support was pathetic. I am scared whether to buy this or not because you dont update files and they are not easy to install. What to do?


Support is not advertised on any of my products, I only provide support for simple product questions and bugs that are fixed as soon as they are reported.

I always update my products after fixing bugs and installation is very easy, especially for themes where sample data is provided and makes the theme identical to demo store.

If you are not satisfied with my products then it’s probably safer not to buy.

i love your attitude towards your customers whom you have failed to satisfy. Thanks. Not buying it anymore.

i have bought your plugin but it doesnot show any option to enable it. Can you look into the matter please?

access the backend and make the plugin work please. let me know how i give you the access.


To enable the plugin you need to install the included ocmod and refresh modifications in opencart admin, you can find instructions on how to install the ocmod in the docs/ folder.

Hi, I have purchased your plugin and after installing i am getting below error, can you please look into this.

Notice: Undefined property: Template\Basic::$registry in /home/mamhos5/public_html/ on line 10 Fatal error: Call to a member function get() on a non-object in /home/mamhos5/public_html/ on line 10


Support for oc 2.3.x will be added in the next update that will probably be approved monday or tuesday, you can check last update section on module page to see when the update has been approved.

My current OpenCart Version is, Please advise

Hi, we have purchased this plugin and got the same problem.


Notice: Undefined property: Template\Basic::$registry in catalog/view/theme/default/template/checkout/nicocheckout.tpl on line 10


HEY I NEED YOUR HELP ASAP!!! I am using your checkout module on my website when i press checkout button it shows an error which “SyntaxError: JSON parse error: unrecognized token ’<’ OK…... ” and so on. I can send you screenshot aswell. Please help me. My customers are complaining please!!

Make sure to follow the instructions from here on how to get the purchase code

You can also try the download link from maxstore theme using the theme purchase code

sir i am using the code on the tab of support. Its not working

Its been 2 days that you haven’t replied to my comment. Please help me out!!

its Compatible with opencart 2.3.2?


The module is compatible with the latest opencart version.

The ajax login isn’t refreshing the page so their data is filled in, I see where you have this commented out in controller/checkout //$json[‘redirect’] = $this->url->link(‘checkout/nicocheckout’, ’’, ‘SSL’); – Do you know how to fix this issue on opencart 2.3?


To fix this please update catalog/controller/checkout/ with and refresh modifications.

when I try to download it says my item purchase code is incorrect. I know what I entered is valid. Is it possible to email the file to me

A new update will be available in a few hours that includes this fix, you can check last update section on module page to see when it’s available to download.

Hello i have installed your plugin in Version its not showing checkout page

Thanks for access, I tried placing an order on your store and I see that the module is shown on checkout, do you still have issues?

Now the fields are not working cant write anything in the form. you are still not replying.

Last time I checked the module worked fine, did you install any ocmod or changed module files? if you changed module files then please restore the original module files.

Hello, i have installed the extension and it is working fine but the only problem we have is it dose not look like it was shown in demo everything is not in order please help me how to fix it.


Can you provide more info on what doesn’t look like in the demo? also make sure you are using a bootstrap 3 opencart theme that doesn’t deviate from bootstrap standards or changes bootstrap core css.

If your theme is not bootstrap compatible then you will need to adapt it to your theme, this service is not included.

Hello, I want to just rename the fields name and order of fields which are not in order due to style. can you please guide me where i can fnd the file to change these fileds name just for forntend like there is wrriten ” Your Address” which a way far away how can i set that to a new line to just remove the test. and there is written address 1 how can i remove1 from the address. and radio button is a way far from the text please help me fix these issues screen shot is attached

Okay i have fixed the issue above but the input fields are not working. like input name: i am unable to click on those fields.


Last time I checked the module worked fine, did you install any ocmod or changed module files? if you changed module files then please restore the original module files.

would coupon entry option apply ?


You can use coupon 10free for testing.

sorry, I didn’t get you. what is the (coupon 10free) ?

You can use this coupon on checkout page for testing to see how coupon is applied.