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nice job man , good luck

Thank you.

^^ you’re very welcome

Thank you again.

Nice work GLWS :)

Thank you.

I wanna buy this, but I don’t know how can configure it. Can you help me ?

That will be description in download file, and we will be always here to assist.

What If I can’t handle this? I’m buying now :)

All what will need to be change in source code is explained in description file.
We will be also here to assist.

How many floors in the game? Cuz I’ll publish it with this name “Floor 600”

We have play game over na dover and we can not reproduce mega jump that you was telling us. Could you send us screenshots or video to see it?

Thank you for video, we will check this now.

How do I edit the application’s language

All the language in game are images and text. You can change text in PTModelObjectLabel.1.attributes.xml

How do I edit the apk logo

Please change all images in android/res/drawable folder.

How can I update this? I don’t know about it, I just pay for someone to publish it to google play. Can you help me :/ They asked money again.

Sorry but we do not understand what you wanted to ask us here.