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Hi, this is really great. I need this. But before i need to know if somethings are possible. I believe this needs internet to work right? so what i need is, to store files in the storage (in some folder) with all css js files and access index through this app. So there is no need of the internet always. So, is this possible? I really really need this to work. and what about the back button issue? is it fixed??

Hi, I have a problem when I loading my webview. The url to which I link uses a google api to calculate distances, but the app does not work. I’ve added the location following permissions on my app, but it does not work:


Please, can you tell me if I have to add some more permission in the file

Thank you very much for the help.

Hi mgl83, my understanding is that above permission won’t apply for webview. Think of webview as opening a browser window. Your application can use the location APIs by using the permissions but a browser window would be outside the purview of that.

Hi again, thanks for your answer. Sorry but, I dont’ speak English very well … The web that I want to load in the webview, use an Goolgle Api, to locate sites and measure distances. If you enter into the site with chrome, the api works properly, but in the app doesn’t work the location. For example, if you use in the webview “”, the site works, but the api location tool doesn’t work. Can you give me a solution? Thank you very much.

sorry, but, could someone give me a solution? thank you very much!

Hello! Is the back button bug fixed?


Hello! Is it possible to insert google forms? I just want an app where I can fill this forms. To have a splash screen and that’s it. Can it be done with it?


hello whats the latest version this will work with on android

is Possible to use pure PHP Website in this App.

Like if we have php website have user login system is it work in this?

My mobile site require users to upload their photos. Does this webview app support upload photos? I heard of that in Kitkat 4.4, openfilechooser don’t work. Please advise.

Good if added push notification… If needed I can add for you push notifications.. skype me

giving this a try

this doesn’t work with angularjs sites?

or set local storage to true settings.setDomStorageEnabled(true);

Hello Support,

I search a webview for Google Play for the website Do you think your script work for a submission on Google Play ?

I’ve used webview for Apple Store (=> and the application has been approved today…

What do you think ?

Thanks you.

Was this built on Android Studio or Eclipse? Will this work with a Wordpress site?