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Hi, eclipse project?

nice game clone, it’s can be imported on android studio ? also there is a documentation about add another style of the ball the user play with ?

so i can’t reskin it or add some effects ..

you can reskin it, it’s built via Buildbox engine, if you are interested in the bbdoc file, please let me know

you can reskin it, it’s built via Buildbox engine, if you are interested in the bbdoc file, please let me know

i cant run the demo on genymotion !! its stopped before starting ! what’s wrong

try to install it on your device, or use the following software for test : http://www.bluestacks.com/

hi. what library you used?

Cocos2dx librairy

There is no real source code. Just precompiled game login in .SO file + some java classes to make it run on Android with ads. For me this purchase is a waste. I demand a refund.

Sorry, but as I mentioned in the description, it’s a complete game with more than 100 levels, you just need to edit different parameters and change images then build your apk

I expected completed game with source code. It’s codecanyon here. You should sell source code, not some compiled shit.

How to integrate admob ads in this game? Just a new bee!! help will be welcomed :)

it’s already integrated, one thing you need is your admob id, replace it in the setting file, that’s all. if you have furthermore questions, please let me know.

hi chartboost ads are not displaying, can yo uplease help me with that..!

Hi, can you please make sure that you have created a compaign publishing in your chartboost dashboard and activate it, once done please update the GeneralSetting file the Ad Network IDs

I have checked everything, no problem with chartboost setup.. I must have done some mistake, i dont know.. I also need some changes in the ads.. i want admob at game over instead of chartboost, the admob interstitial ads are also not showing anywhere..!

please contact me via the form and send me Ads Network ID and for each screen which one you want, the frequency (ex : 1 time each 3 game over screen), game name, and package name, so I can check for you

There is Remove Ads button, but it is not working !! How can we get it working properly? Or how to remove it at least ?

Also my Chartboost not working .. How can i run Adbmob interstitial instead of ChartBoost ?

Congratulations! Amazing Work, GLWS