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Man, WOW! Good Work! Is Braintree working with Multi market also?

For now it doesn’t. we’ve added this to our list of Todo. Am afraid, can’t give an ETA for it.

No worries, keep me updated. That is what I could not find from pipin and he is not planning to do it, if you do then it is a win.

Please do let us know when I will buy extended license for you

Sure thing.

I try to pay with WePay and I entered correct credit card number but name and cvv is wrong. but the result is succes ?

Hi, all payment gateways on the demo site is in test mode. In test mode, you can use any name and cvv together with a test/valid credit card number.

Should it be in live mode, transaction payment would have failed.

Does this support regular Paypal? I mean if only Paypal PRO .. does that work on accounts in India?

Hi, it support PayPal Website Payments Pro and PayPal Express. You will have to check with PayPal to know if india is supported.

Does it support recurring payments?

No it doesn’t. But on our todo list.

Do you have eta? I would like to buy it as soon as recurring payments are supported. Do you have an email list where I could sign up for notifications?

Thank you

Unfortunately i dont have an ETA. I will comment on this thread so you are notified when it is live.

Hi there, can’t see to see an example of a digital download using payapl standard – can you link this to me please.

Hi, EDD has paypal standard built in. So no need for us to develop one. See http://docs.easydigitaldownloads.com/article/838-which-paypal-payment-gateway-and-account-type-do-i-need

Great job GLWS !


Hi! Here is a problem with Volume discounts plugin from edd. In payment info I can see discount, in invoice also discount is visible, but in 2checkout – I see full price – no discount, and people pay full amount

Hi, we are unable to add support for Volume discount as we do not ourselves use and don’t have it at hand hence, can’t make our plugin compatible with it.

understood, so, can I ask for refund, cause can not use your plugin then

No you can’t because our plugin works as described and never promised compatibility with all EDD extensions.

Just wanted to tell that your plugin is not working with new edd discounts pro plugin also (have payed extra 80$ to check)

You can email us the plugin via the contact tab. But i can’t give an ETA when it will be done.



Pre-sale question: I would like to use STRIPE but I can see in your video & screenshot that payment process is not very clear for the customer. In the Checkout page customer has to click on “Stripe” button radio. Unfortunately the word “Stripe” is unknown for standard consumer. Is there a possibility to change this button radio to Credit Card Designs? (that should be more clear for consumer…)

You can change the text from Stipe to whatever you wan. Let us know and we will show you how to.


Hi, We want to integrate WePay Payment Gateway in this theme http://venusdemo.com/unity/demo-1/ . Here is our demo URL http://demo.presstigers.com/gofundveterans/campaigns/clean-water-for-african-program/ If we purchase this plugin then is it compatible with our theme? Is it possible to use your plugin as a trial for 1 or 2 days ?


Activate EDD test mode and the extension will automatically switch to WePay staging mode.

Yes i got it thanks. One more question how to add WePay percentage for admin fee in backend for donation?

Sorry, not possible at this time.

Does this plugin support once off payments then recurring thereafter for Stripe and Paypal

It doesn’t support recurring payment at all.

Hello, I have a prepurchase question. Does OmniPay work with WooCommerce? If it doesn’t, is there anywhere that you know that does? Thanks -Michael

It doesn’t work with WooCommerce. We have plan to build a WooCommerce version in future. But I can’t give you a date when this will happen.