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What does this do?

Using OmniHide, you can store a file to be hidden within a normal mask file like JPEG , AVI, MP3 or PDF . The output created would work just as normal, but it’d have the secret file within it.

How do I retrieve the hidden data from within the output file?

OmniHide PRO can be used for hiding and retrieving data. However, if you are sending your file to a friend who doesn’t have OmniHide, just ask him/her to download the standalone extractor from

How secure is the hidden file?

OmniHide uses a custom algorithm for encoding your hidden data (using your password, if a password is provided) and so, the hidden file cannot be retrieved easily without decoding it first. So, it becomes much more secure than just joining two files using native copy commands.

I want to check out how this software works before buying it.

Sure. We have a trial version over at Softpedia. Give it a whirl.

I want to check out how the output files work before I buy.

Again, sure thing! Goto and download the files from “Sample Output”.

  • Unencoded hidden zip files can be recovered using WinZip or WinRar
  • Encoded hidden files can be recovered by using the Trial Version of the product (or the standalone extractor; or OmniHide PRO itself)

How different is this from joining files or using the batch copy command?

Much different; and definitely very well worth the amount you have to pay for it:

  • Encryption of the data to be hidden
  • Password protection
  • Switch b/w portable hide/encrypted hide
  • Easy encoding/retrieval with an intuitive and easy-to-use User Interface
  • Shell Menu Integration: Just right-click and hide files

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