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Why does your live preview, redirect to a page on softpedia ?

Because it is a link to the trial version of the software… Just in case anyone wants to try it out before buying.

This app is incredible.

I’ve tested and bought it and don’t understand why more people aren’t jumping on something like this.

Hey, Thanks :)

Is this how hackers send viruses to PC’s?

No, leorios1977 … The hidden file cannot be accessed/run unless it’s decoded and extracted using OmniHide.

is this just hex editor or more?

Nope, not HEX edit. The file to be hidden is encoded using a custom algorithm (you can password protect it) before injecting it into images,videos etc. This way, even if someone finds out about the hidden file within the main file, there is no way to retrieve the data as it’s one-way hashed and encoded. You’ll need OmniHide + the password to decode it.

I think this is a great tool but I’m running into problems with it.

I get a dialogue box that pops up saying that “A device attached to the system is not functioning”

You can see the error in the attached image


I did get it to work once, but that’s it. I’ve re-installed it and it’s still not working.


Thanks in advance

Hi Vince, this is the first time I’m hearing this error.

When does this come? I’m guessing when you’re trying to open the output file.

Could you tell me what were the type of mask file and hidden file you used?

It was doing this when trying to mask an image before I uninstalled it. Now it won’t even open. I get a similar error message trying to open the app as the one I posted earlier.


I can’t even mask anything now due to this error. It may be related to the OS but I’m not sure.

I’m using Windows 7 if that helps.

As I mentioned earlier, I was able to mask one file and since that time I’ve been SOL .

Thanks for your time :-)

Im guessing it’s related to the OS. Could you right click, Properties > Compatibility > Run it in compatibility mode for a previous version of windows and see it if works?

I’ve tried the compatibility test and I get the same messages.

I know it works, but it’s just not working for me at the moment.

I’ll test it on one of my other computers and see if that does anything.


Update…. I ran this on one of my other computers ( XP ) and it works fine.

No worries. I think I may have uninstalled something that attached itself to your app and that’s where the problem is. I’m not sure what it was, but I would have to venture to say that if I’ve run into this problem, someone else is going to at some time. The only problem is that I can’t recreate the error.

This definitely is one of the best apps I’ve purchased. I’ll just use it on another computer and I’m all happy :-)

Good to know and very glad you liked it. Thanks again for the purchase and also for bringing up the issue.

Ok. This is going to be my last post. LOL

I tried using another app on my computer today and I got the same error message that I got when trying to use your app.

This problem I ran into isn’t related to your app at all. There seems to be something wrong with my computer. Not the app.

I just wanted to make it clear now that I know that it’s my pc that’s creating the problem so others didn’t think there was a bug in your app. This should also put your mind at ease thinkdj :-)

There are no bugs to look for.

Hey, thanks for the update! Much appreciated.

Problem solved…

It was my computer.

I guess I installed or uninstalled something and didn’t do a reboot. After restarting my computer, I thought I’d give the app another shot and sure enough it worked.

I’m having a bit of a chuckle about it because I spent a couple of days trying to figure out what was going on with my computer. I was actually beginning to think that I had to reinstall my OS.

I even did some searches for people that ran into the same problem and couldn’t find a clear answer to anything. There were people with the same error warning and the same error number.

I wonder if they found out that all you need to do is restart your computer LOL

Take care and all the best


Hah! Glad it’s solved for good.

I would like to have a branded version… possible?

Or is it possible to do an online-version of this? Would pay, ofcourse ;)

Sorry for the delayed response. As of now, we just have this one version.

Would pay for a command-line version of the encoder and the decoder for this as soon as possible. Thanks.

Sorry for the delayed response. Unfortunately, we have only the GUI version

Very Good. I say from myself I’m between Advanced and Expert.. and I dunno’ recognize even the “portable” files. As programmer to, I’d this security idea for years,too, but YOU realized that.. wow. Best for the gemran Bundestrojaner ;) Good work, very good work! :)

Hey! Thanks a lot :)

can i customize that programm to oure company ? works that programm with windows 8 ?

Thank you for details

Hi mc4it. Sorry, you cannot customize it. We’ll have to edit it in the source code. We haven’t tested it on windows 8 yet.

Is Source code available for this Program?

No it’s not.

Tested on windows 8 yet? 3 months is a decent window of opportunity lol

No, sorry. We havent tested it on Windows 8 yet.

Will def by it soon once you test on win 8

You could try out the trial from http://www.softpedia.com/get/Security/Security-Related/OmniHide-PRO.shtml If that works on Windows8, the PRO version would work too.

hello, nice plugin, i have 1 question : is this able to encrypt the video code embeded in my site and the code of livestream video ? and is the posibility someone take the code encryptet in my site and decrypt someone else ? thank you

Hi! Streamed files are not supported. If you have the whole video as a file on your local hard drive, you can encrypt and hide files inside it.

Hello, I bought this program long ago and I think it was removed and again released, so I cannot get updates and this program never worked for me, always showing message: Activation pending. My license code is: 5342d766-0be2-45ac-abec-23cac1a52608

Hi luizgamabh, the version I have released on CodeCanyon does not have license validation. Please send the old invoice to shout [at] think.dj and I will mail you a copy asap.

Hi. NIt does not work in Windows 10


joed777 Purchased

Works on all version of Windows??? Does it have forgotten password feature?


joed777 Purchased

Also, I am interested in customized white label version. Can you build for me?

Hi, there is no forgot password recovery as it’s one-way encrypted. I’m sorry, I have not touched this code for over 4 years now, and have lost touch with .NET and hence cannot make edits for customizations