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Very useful script, well done! :)

Thanks Bro…

Really nice script, I am interested to buy! I suggest to reduce the space in half between category names on the left side pane. I do have almost 60 categories and too much space between category names will be a waste of space plus the page will be very long with 50/60 category names. I will buy it after.

Is there a pagination on every page or auto load? In case there are many products in each page specially the main page (index).

Thanks man, buy our script and install on your host.than mail me. i will sent you an new file for category, you need to just replace that. its easy!! if you cant than i will replace it for free.. dont worry

I want to buy this script, but I’m don’t know will be helpful this script for my http://adwool.com. thank you for answers!

if you wana manage ur affiliates / wana promote ur referer link than u can buy this

I purchased this script and it works well. it will be much better if you add user signup to this.

if you need we can customized this system for you as you need. pls add me on your skype for more conversation, my skype ID: rifat636

Like the script! Only bad thing is that there is no pager so if you have a lot products all are on same page! For categories it need to have pages…

There is no fixed date

How much I need to pay to do that like custom work? Pages for categories and search box?

Where do i find ‘sales track’ and how do customers login?

we can add this for addional charge

Your review section is lock for customer review. So here is my review… I purchased this product and I think it’s great for what it is… Although, I think the product is incomplete and additional corrections must be made to the script in order to have a quality assurance product. The product has a built in CMS with very limited functions.

These are some of the problems that I encountered. For example: 1. The CMS Main Dashboard is Blank. Usually other products will have cool gadgets and analytics etc. 2. The “Product” section: I found a huge problem when I was writing about the affiliate product that I was promoting. Well Fortunately the text editor would not accept more that 20 text characters and would not function if I used special characters. There is just no way to market with content only a picture. 3. Social Media Icons: The theme comes with pre-determined icons on the nav bar linked to “TheSoftKing” on the four social media icons. There is no-way to update the links in the CMS. Seems like the developer is trying to monopolize on our traffic without our consent. Very deceiving! 4. The “Footer” section: There is an area labeled “Short About Us” well, you can’t update the Lorem Ipsum verbiage to something that makes sense in the Admin Dashboard. 5. The “General Settings”: There are only three elements you can update, Website Title, Mobile, and Email. I’m questioning this area… I would expect the social media icons here, the “Short About Us” etc.

I’ve contacted the developer regarding my concerns and was very helpful troubleshooting the .htaccess that was not reading on my server side and required to be uploaded again… easy fix.

Then, I contacted the developer again in regards #3 and #4 and ended up getting an email questioning me, “Hi, What you need on social media?”.

My response via email:

“Hello Rifat,

The header contains four social media icons: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Pintrest. Normally, I would link the icons to my social media profile.

I believe I should be able to direct my traffic to my own social media profile.I think this is completely normal in all other themes that are being sold on Envato and else where.

Currently the social media icons are linking to a “The Soft King” which is completely  in contrast with my theme in mind.

In regards to the  footer  “Short About Us”: I would also like to edit the Latin verbiage “Lorem Ipsum” to English verbiage that coincides about me. I just don’t see a place for editing in this area as well. ” Never got a response after this… I would rate this product “E” for effort. Will no longer do business with this developer.

as i know everythings are changable from admin panel, and i able to prove that