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This looks really good. Sadly I needed this a month ago so I had to build my own installer :)

Adamantium! Thank you so much for the lovely comment. I am sorry had to build your own installer. The app was Ready by 20th last month but the review process took so much time than ussual.

Ooooh SimTabi! Ya’ll did it again! Wonderful script…awesome UI! <3

Good luck with sales and welcome to CodeCadyon! :)

Thank you so much! :)

just purchased this I’m learning php as I go hope I can work out to use it Just wanted to say thanks really.

Hello Extremer1,

Thank you so much for the lovely and wonderful comments! :) I hope you learn something new, and you gain as much as you can! Let me know if you need any further assistance!

Best regards, God Bless!


I want to know if POO or procedural ?


Thanks buddy! Procedural!

Does this support installing upgrades? For example if you have to update versions of your app etc?

Hello Sir?

Thanks sure yes, it does it as well however with a less than two lines of code.

Let me know in case you need any further help!

is this over codeigniter????

Hello Mmayori?

I hope that you are doing fine. Sorry for the very and very late response.

No, it’s not built with codeigniter, but i guess getting it to work on codeigniter wouldn’t be a hustle.

Please do let me know incase you need further help.

Incase you are looking for demos please head over to:

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Best, SimTabi//

Very useful script, good luck with sales! :)

Thank you so much buddy! :)

hi @SimTabi!

quick question… I have a script that is php based and each time we install a new copy we have to import the SQL file etc.. its a hassle. Is this something that I can use to install my script etc.. like most scripts with an installer?

Sorry for the noob question & thanks for your reply :)

Hey Buddy,

Thanks for reaching out. Yes sure, Olive installer can handle and do more than you can imagine. You wont need to dump/import SQL files. It’ll do it for you :)

Let me know once you purchase, and i am here to help you install and configure on your projects.

Thanks, Imani (SimTabi)

Hey Imani! Any chance you could holler at me via email? Id like to take you up on your offer of assisting in configuring :)


Hey buddy?

Thanks for the purchase, yea sure. Sadly I don’t have your email address. Please send me a message (including your cell number) from my profile here:

And please give me a five star rating if you think this installer deserves it.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Imani//

HI I a planing to start eCommerce website with Megento, Pls let me know it will help me to install my Megento in my server, I am compliantly new in installation

Hi Sandy5393,

Thanks for the inquiry and interest in my application. Sure, it should work and be able to help you perform your installations since i didn’t develop the application on any framework. But sadly i have never used Magento so i would not be able to advice ho to best achieve your desired results.

Please do give it a try and let me know if there is something else I could help you with or do.

Thanks, Imani – (SimTabi)

I’m having a hard time getting the directory permissions check to work

/ /installer /temp

I’d like to check if the folder /temp is writeable. I’ve tried temp, /temp, ../temp, but none of them work. Do you have a suggestion?


*edit – the formatting came out funny on this post. I have the folder /installer (with olive in it), and /temp, both are at the same level under the root.

Hi Terrymason,

Thanks for the headsup, please tell me more about your development environment as in server, os and browser etc.


I’m using centos 7 with php 5.4.16

Browser is chrome on PC and ipad

Replied in the previous thread.

I have another question (sorry for the trouble). I’m trying to test the database connection. I have a database up and running, and it’s working fine, running another script. I put in the database information (localhost, username, pass, database), and hit next. I am asked to test the database connection, and when I hit test connection, I’m taken back to the Database Setup page. I don’t see any information about an error, or success.

I’m still using centos 7, php 5.4.16, and the default MariaDB that centos 7 has switched to. I’m not sure if MariaDB is the problem or not.


mySudi Author Team

Hello Terry Mason,

Thanks, responding to you shortly.

Any update?

Just replied to your thread

Is anyone able to get this working? I purchased a new server – Centos 6.6 running cpanel, and I stll can’t get past the database check. I don’t get an error, I just press “test connection” on the Database Connection Test and am sent back to the database setup screen without an error.

Hello Terymason,

Please accept my sincere apologies for the late reply. I was out of the country for some small work. Kindly email me your ftp and server /site address so I can help you get this sorted.

I am again sorry for this inconvenience.

Best regards, Imani

I’ve emailed you ftp and mysql access. Please let know what you find. Thank you for your help.

Have you been receiving my emails?

Hi, I need to create a subdomain for every installation. Can this script do it ?

Hi, I need to create a subdomain for every installation. Can this script do it ?

Hi Isbkch,

Thanks, yes it will do.

Olive Installer vs Olive Installer Pro 2.0

I just purchased olive-installer based on the demo but when I downloaded the files from codecanyon I noticed the sample file is not the same as the demo file on The purchased version just shows Olive Installer the demo version shows Olive Installer Pro 2.0 which one did I purchased because they seem to be two different versions. if this is the pro version then supply if not then explain why. if this purchase version should reflect the demo version shown here then please update the download file to reflect what is being shown.

I have submitted an update to the marketplace, please be patient as we await its approval. Many apologies for the delay.

Okay.. I do thank you.

It’s been 2 days now

I have submitted an update to the marketplace, please be patient as we await its approval. Many apologies for the delay.

Just how long does it take to upload new files to server? I have also emailed you 2 days ago.

Envatomarket request

I think 10 days has been quite enough time for your submission to be updated.

I would like to believe a language barrier is to blame. So I am going to request that you recheck to verify you indeed submitted an update verify the date and time and then contact Envatomarket and submit a support ticket to this mater.

If not I am going to request a refund because as I stated your description and demo are two different scripts and I was under the impression that the demo version is what I was purchasing.

Your other option is to forward v2 to my email as I have sent at least 4 request 1 has been answered 3 have been ignored. Your timely respond to this matter is urgent, and I thank you in advance to your prompt reply.

Does not work. It comes to the third step, and returns to the second. Wasted money