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Hello, The description says

Level’s loading is managed by JSON. Chrome, for some security policies, doesn’t allow this kind of loading, locally.
What happens when the game is embedded in an Android native app (via a cordova/phonegap project for example)? Do the levels load correctly in this situation? or do the loading of levels fail?

hello, our games are conceived to be used as HTML5 items, we can’t ensure that they will work properly if embedded in Android apk. Anyway we know that some of our customers have ported our games into apk using cordova, phonegap or iudei successfully.

Thank you for your response. I know that your games can be embedded easily into Android apk using various tools. My question was specifically referring to the issue about local loading of levels. Given the loading of levels will be local if embedded in an apk, I was wondering whether this issue would also occur using web rending engine of Android, or it is specific to Chrome only. Anyway, Thank you for your response.

the problem occurs only with Chrome, indeed with other browsers, like Firefox, the game works properly locally

good job, i wish you all the best for your sales ;)

thank you! :D

can we edit any part of this? I want to change the way the credit for codethislab (you) is presented.. I want to put this game on my site.. and simply use it to demonstrate html 5 possibilities but I don’t want the site visitor to click away to your site directly from the game.. I would like to put your credit on another part of the page/site.. I would intend to drive sales/jobs in your direction.. but I need to control the browsing on my site. this in no way would mask you as the author of course.. that is not my intention.. your work is great and I have no doubt that my site audience will be keen to know the author.. but after I get a swing at selling them my site concept first.. otherwise.. do you do custom jobs?

I am happy to show you what I am doing by the way.. if you want to communicate outside this public comments section..

Hi Dav! You are free to edit the game as you want by yourself if you have some coding skills, you’ll get the source in clear indeed. Otherwise you can also hire us to custom the game for you. Please send as an email at support@codethislab.com to discuss further

compatible andriod dev ?

Hi! The game runs on android browsers, you can check the compatibility using our demo http://showcase.codethislab.com/games/olaf_the_viking/

hi, when im runing the game – i see the opning screen empty, i can see only the PLAY button and its not working too,,, what is the problem?

Hi! On what device have you met the issue? which os? Do you meet the issue also with our demo link? http://showcase.codethislab.com/games/olaf_the_viking/

im on desktop, on chrome… i downloaded all the files and trying to runing them

If you are trying to run the index file please note that,as written in the item details: Level’s loading is managed by JSON. Due to some security policies, Chrome doesn’t allow this kind of loading, locally. This issue doesn’t occur with other browsers, like Firefox i.e. Anyway, once you’ve uploaded the game on your server, it will work properly.