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Love the idea, but in my opinion you’ve set it to start with too high a difficulty level. Is it easy to change the speed or create a progressively increasing speed?

Yes both of these options are available. The game also features a “survival mode” when the player reaches 200 points score (which is really hard to beat but doable)

Hi. I bought this code last week from you and then it was taken down off this site. Is this the same code or have you changed it?

I also messaged you twice and got no response.

Is there a way to add ad networks to this code?


Thanks for purchasing my item, yes this is the same item. It is possibleto add ad networks but only those that support javascript. Since this is build with JS.

Thanks for the reply!

hi, what is new in the update please? cheers

It was meant to have a video attached to show gameplay but got lost somehow, sorry about that.

No problem, this is a very addictive game, love it

Thank you that was the intention :)

Hi, I would like to add a small feature to the game. At the game over screen, can I get the score to show? (it disappears quickly at games end, only to show If it is a new high score)

I am possibly going to try and implement a leaderboard, but was looking for something quick just to show the last score for a little longer.

I was also wondering if the achievements user web storage? Or do they reset upon exciting the game. Thank you for your time. Cheers

Drop me an email from my profile and I will send you the revised code that shows the final score. Yes the achievements and score use localstorage, also inside the game there is a function that can reset them.


  • Really GREAT support from this author, total champ!!! *