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You do not have the link to refer to how I am going to bring a new referral without the tool of my link

ON joining page u can set sponsor name

will you provide item source code.. So i can disable few function.. which is not suitable for my business

item with source code, but we dont support resell and one purchase for one installation only

I request you to sell this binary mlms as tutorial course on udemy

thnxx for ur advice

why your referral id(sponsor) set by username? your position id and your referral id cannot be same.And you did not generate referral id by some random string.So how can we sponsor new users by what referral id and get bug in your registeration system.How can fix it( $ref_id = $data[‘referrer_id’]; $poss = $data[‘position’]; $posid = getLastChildOfLR($ref_id,$poss); ) Your codes has main error 1- posid is not clear with referral id 2-If referral id is username ,posid will get string not integer if so your position id left and right places will get in error. Do you also use this same script in other bitmlm and coinvest scripts.? Let me know ,I will look for your reply to buy this other packages.

Purchase and use original version, then come to ask about error.

I already told you about this error because I am looking for buying one such binary but I cannot buy if this kind of error codes .Ok?Because I will edit the codes after buy.I just need is binary parts.

Really ?

I haver purchased this theme, please, I need to see the demo as the demo link ain’t working anymore

I mean the demo links for both admin and user pages ain’t working properly anylonger.

I think it’s working right now ‘

this binary script work or not .ANYONE give feedback.

its works

I’m from Brazil, do you have the option of Brazilian real currency?

u can set any currency from admin panel

Before buying i need one clarification: 1. while signup can you please make referral url for sponser to easily share others to join. 2. package wise can you increase click link price for eg. user 1 free Pack. click charge is 1$ per click and User 2 premium pack click charge is 5$ per click. can you please confirm your code is already having this. i have checked but unfortunately i did’t see that.

we able to set for additional charges

I need documentation for how binary and referral commission working. When we expect next update?

please send an email to For details.

Support multi language?

No. But we can do that for you. For Details please send an email to

greetings, how is assigned the value that users wander when viewing ads, that is, I do not see in the demo panel a field to indicate how much a user earns by watching the publicity

I’m sorry, I already explore the demo better and I found it.

how long must the user wait to see available click ads again, that is, if he re-shows the ads 24 hours later if they ads still have clicks available?

24 hours

Hello, is it an advertisement platform?

mlm based ptc platform

User id and password .?

for user panel u need to registrared

But what is the name of Referral?


Can sties owners register and make money

site owner can earn money if they knows the way

Dose it have option for PTP or Pop under, Full page ads, and support publishers to promote ?

Dose it have country Geo targeting and suitable for update it ?

all we have are there, we dont have those features u meansion,but for additional charges we able to set those, more info mail us:

Hello we have a site similar to spotify we are looking for a script to be included in the site … we have different spaces for banners. the question I ask you is the following

To better understand if I go to google adsense releases me a code that I’m going to insert in the spaces created by me in my site even your script releases a code to insert

question is not clear, pls explain me

sir i want to see,member area but sinup page required referrer username and select position required,please help me

referal: admin

Do you have any offerwall feature?

pls clear me ur requirements ?

Hi, I Haven’t Purchased The Script Yet Before That I Want To Know If There Are Any Theme/Template Rather Then The Default Look?

there are no extra themes inside, but if u need another look then we able to customizd for additional charges: