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amazing, Epic game. Good luck with sales!

Thank you so much!

Hi This looks like a great game and plays well in a browser. However testing on an iPhone6 the animations are very slow and slicing action is not smooth at all. Any idea why?

Hi Thanks for the comment!

We did not experience particular lagging issues during testing on iPhone 6 (using Safari). Could you tell us the browser you used to run it?

It was just Safari. I just tried it again though and it seems absolutely fine. I might email you about some customisation of this game if you dont mind

Thanks, Sure feel free to send us an email we will be happy to help.

Hi there,

Nice game.

What do we need in order to export it to Android ?? Unity ?? IntelXDK ?? Eclipse ??

Does it has step by step instruction how to export it ??



Thanks! To publish HTML5 games on Android we usually use CocoonJS.

Intel XDK may be an alternative but last time we checked the framework did not fully support canvas transformations on Android (it does on iOS) and since the game code uses canvas.transform extensively, we would recommend CocoonJS from Ludei (for graphics acceleration layer) they also provide step by step tutorials.

What game engine is used ?
What files Do I get ? the full source code ?
How do i add levels ?

We exclusively use our in-house game engine to develop all our titles, we do not use external game frameworks. The full game code is provided JS minified but we do not open source the engine. Currently, the game exposes a basic public API to allow monetizing (ads…). Adding levels is not supported.

This is our first product published on Envato so it proves to be successful on this platform we are likely to provide more customization features – custom levels is something we can think about.

How to publish this app to Android and IOS

We personally use CocoonJS, but it should also work fine straight in the webview using phonegap or similar frameworks.

Can you customize your game and add a banner placement somewhere for advertising.. maybe a 125×125 right above the UNDO button? We would pay extra to have this feature added to game.

Thanks for the suggestion. A static ad placement is something we may ad on the next update.

An extremely addicting game, great job.

Thank you!

Does your logo and link within the game remove?

Yes, upon request. Feel free to contact us at for instructions.

Hi there

Nice game and I would like to purchase it for my entertainment site. But I didn’t install HTML 5 games in my website yet. So I have a pre-sale question. I just need to upload the folder I purchased from Codecanyon for installing this HTML5 game? Am I correct? Please confirm.



Yes, basically you just need to upload the content to any folder on your server, the game will work out of the box, (step-by-step instructions are in the readme file as well if any doubt).

Hi there

I just purchased the Game and installed on my site. I have a question. How can I change the logo and deactivate the link on the logo? Please advise.

hello, any updates? I sent you the requirement through your support section as well. But didn’t get any reply yet :(

Good job! I bought this game.

Thank you so much!

Hello. I bought your lovely game. I have two questions:

1. do not show the level number (either locally or on the website);

2. I want to translate it into another language. Send me the photoshop file and the font file?

Dr Andrew


1 – Do you mean you want an option to hide the level number or that the level number was not showing somehow?

2 – We will provide a PSD in the next update (next week) to allow translation of the game.

please add timer limit

Thanks for the suggestion we may add this option in a future update.

please I have sent 2 emails and has not answered me about the license. If I can use an app without having copyright problems .

Hi, Sorry for the delayed reply.

The game is royalty free but not copyright free (the licensing terms should be respected). But basically, yes, you have the right to publish the game on the stores (e.g. Android, iOS) and changing its name, customizations are allowed.

Please remember however, that if you intend to place the product for sale (e.g. paid on the store), you need the Extended License.

Epic game!!!

do you plan to sell this code “ZOMBIES CAN’T JUMP” in codecanyon?


Our original titles (including Zombies Can’t Jump) will only remain available for non-exclusive licensing through “standard” channel as we want to keep tight control of distribution rights through our own agreements. Feel free to contact us for more details.

We may create exclusive editions based on these titles for CodeCanyon similarly to what with did for Jelly Slice with Ojello.

Great game. Interesting concept for an HTML5 game

Thanks very much!

Hi there

I just purchased the Game and installed on my site. I have a question. How can I change your logo and deactivate the link on the logo? Please advise.

Hi Sanoop, Thank you! We have updated our support method to use email address as it is more convenient to exchange files and intructions. Please send us an email to we will reply promptly. It is possible to de-activate the link and logo but to replace it is a bit trickier so feel free to write to us ( for more assistance

Sir, How to edit your logo and url?

I need icon of this game

Dear Appbloo, Thanks for buying. Please send us an email to so we can send you the icon file back along with instructions.

Hello – I just purchased this game (which I love) and when I try to run it, I’m having a problem getting through the loader. It stops half way through in every browser that I’m trying it in – in the end, I can’t get to the game itself! I’m glad to see that other people are having luck with this so I’m sure I’m just one step away.

Hi, Thanks for your purchase! Are you trying to start the game from the file:// protocol (e.g. launching directly by double clicking on index.html)? The loading issue would typically occur in this case because of limitation issues with the Web Audio API. The game is expected to be served from the HTTP protocol (i.e. installed on a server).

If your requirement is to launch via double click, please let me know as I could send you a version which would load this way (but could have audio limitations on some mobiles).

Hope this helps, feel free to let me know.