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Hi there,

how can I use this? Do I need to implement it somwhere? As this is only a gateway and if I want to use it like for a shop I have to code this right?

Hello Hanniball,

This gateway is a plugin for the CMS WordPress then you have to install WP-Ecommerce plugin. This is a great plugin for start selling products over the internet. Then just install the plugin and fill in your details to start selling with Ogone payment gateway.

There is an extended help inside the Zip file called Guideline.html.

If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask !

Mvg, Kenneth.

Ok, thx. I would like to use this gateway with a theme, that has already different payment gateways included, but won’t work or are not so popular here in germany. You think it’s possible to use your gateway for this as a basic start?



It’s one of the most extended payment gateways you will find. Instead of dealing with several payment gateways for specific countries, Ogone is a solution that handles several payment options in one gateway. The only bad thing about Ogone is their pricing structure.


We use Ogone gateway and it works like a charm because it has everything included and is flexible. The setup costs aren’t cheap but it is the best for the user experience.

IF you get hosting from then you get 50% off for the setup price from Ogone. ( about 250€ )


does this Extension works with Woocommerce subscription extension?


This extension is only for Wordpress E-Commerce. You can get a plugin for Woocommerce here :

Hi there, would handles ogone transactions for iDeal?


I’m sorry for de delay, you can indeed use Ogone for iDeal Transaction.

Here is a full list of transactions that is supported by Ogone ( Press payment methods ) :

getting 2 errors on wp 3.8

Warning: Creating default object from empty value in dotinteractive-ogone.php on line 361

Fatal error: Call to a member function query() on a non-object in dotinteractive-ogone.php on line 401

Hey Thompson,

Sorry voor de late reactie, heb je nog steeds dit probleem ?


I’m very interested by your system but I have a question :

I already have a Webstie (medical) working with Wordpress.

I have members and I would like to ask a Anual Membership admission (fee).

So the system is : To be member of our association group, all new member need to pay a annual fee -> when the payement is accept -> the satus of the member is ‘ok’ -> the member have access to all the website… If is the member forgot/dont pay or wathever the status is ‘no’ and a part the website is blocked for the member.

Actually this system is working on my website with ‘role’ and I do personally after verification of payment the access for all members.

And I now, I would like to do this Automatically.

If you have any idea, I will be happy :)



Hey Tom,

This plugin doesn’t have an automated way of changing the system roles. In the future the plugin will be evolved so in the shop the payment is directly adjusted as payed.

You will have to customize the plugin so it will hook onto the payment change with own coding for the timekeeping of members.

I’m not that advanced in making plugins yet ^^

Hello I have a question about your plugin it work like dynamic template ? Thank you for your reply

Hello radovan,

This plugin can be implemented in any template as it only processes data on the background. Things like buttons and etc will be taken from the template you are using.

Cheers FlowingTrees

Hi, does this plugin support DirectLink ? Thank you for your reply?


What do you mean with ‘DirectLink’ ?



your module is compatible and integrate in Woocommerce after install ?

Thanks for reply.


This plug-in only compatible with wp-commerce from Wordpress.


Can you tell me if I need an SSL certificate for your plugin?

Hi tsjemo, Our plugin doens’t require a SSL certificate. All data is being send to Ogone, who handles everything in a secure environment. So there is no need for a SSL certificate.


Hi, just downloaded and installed you plugin, but don’t see “dot.interactive ogone module” in the payment list, why?

Hello FlowingTrees, did you look into this?

Hi, I’ve send you an email with more details. Cheers

Thank you very much for solving the problem, the plugin now works 100% fine!


I’m designing a website for a non profit organisation based in Belgium who needs to give the opportunity to the website’s visitor to give money to the organisation. I’d like to allow them to pay via Ogone and I was thinking about buying your module to integrate with the Ogone account of the organisation. Would that be possible? I don’t need to set up a whole fake e-shop since the only thing I’d like to allow is sending money securely via Ogone. Would that be possible with your module?



Hi, Email me on this matter, I’ll fix something for this matter! Cheers

Perhaps I’m missing something. But I have installed and activated your plugin (along with WPEC), but I cannot see how to use it. Your guide states ‘In the Navigation select the option “Technical information”’. I can’t see any ‘Technical Inforamtion’ option in the wordpress menu???

resolved – I see the tech info page was on the ogone login. And there was a file that needed moving into the wpsc-merchants folder, not merchants as deocumented.

Sorry more problems. The ogone backend is rejecting my test transactions with error ‘unknown order/1/s/’. Amy thoughts. I did find this page suggesting that the SHA-1 signature calculation has changed???

Hello, No problem at all! Make sure you have entered the use identical SHA-1 code into the plugin settings as in the ogone site settings. Should you have more problems. Dont be afraid ago ask here or over email.


Yes, I have checked the SHA-1 code in both ogone and in wordpress, and have also checked the URL. I also have the hash algorithm set to SHA-1 and encoding to UTF-8.

One other thing I have noticed – when I save the settings page within wordpress, I get taken to a blank page:

I then tried installing on a different website which has an older version of WP, and in that case it logged an error when saving:

Fatal error: Call to a member function query() on a non-object in /home/users/uks66777/wp-content/plugins/ogone-payment-gateway/dotinteractive-ogone.php on line 401 Not sure if that is related to the transaction error.

Any thoughts?

As discussed over email. This has been resolved + I will update the manual soon :)

hi guys, does it work with all payment options?


All payment options you need for your webshop, can be activated on your Ogone profile.

Hey, I bought this plugin, but it’s not working with WooCommerce?

Hello wholehelp,

This plugin was build for working with the WordPress E-commerce shop, not the WooCommerce plugin. Unfortunately WooCommerce is not supported and will not in the future.

My apologies.