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Congratulations! Good Luck With Sale :)

Thank you. :)

cool stuff, fantastic work ! :) big sales to you and a nice weekend :)

Thank you. :)

Can i please have this embedded into my website?

Yes. Export to HTML 5. Can send you by email

Hi I want to buy the game but there are no buttons back or forward to the front or back and there are no buttons and mute the sound and the buttons to enlarge the size of the game on the large screen of computer or mobile and there are no buttons for the participation of the site or the Facebook or Twitter or YouTube or Kukl Plas .. Can modify the game from Before you?

Question Is there a file running iPhone – ios Is there a file running the android? – Apk Please reply to buy the game by

Hello. This is not a complete game. This is a tutorial how to make an endless track. Mouse control, left mouse button forward, right-back

okay thank you ..

Hi. Added control buttons for the touch. Testing on the phone was not carried out.

Nice work, DigitalCenturySF

thank you

eclipse progect ???

Construct 2

i use only eclipse so i can not buy this game ?

This project is on the engine Construct 2 (HTML 5) Unfortunately I do not know if it is suitable to Eclipse.

hello the game is not functioning as show in construct 2!!

Please communicate with me by mail and describe the error

Hi. Is there a capx file in download section

Comes with HTML5???