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Can you add a feature so that employees can log their time into a timesheet (per project) i,e for payroll?

Thanks for your suggestion..Will put that point in our to do list.

Hello, the Script is not working :-(

Hello, i have checket with Chrome, it goes, but i will Sign In with an Employee Account, The Username is a E-Mailadress, but its not listet here the Login E-Mail?

Hello, i have checket with Chrome, it goes, but i will Sign In with an Employee Account, The Username is a E-Mailadress, but its not listet here the Login E-Mail?

only use those credential which we provided on description.

Can you please tell me a way to upload a file in a message section? If its possible then let me know. I will be interested in buying it.

Yes..possible..But for that you need to buy our custom service.


is it possible Monitor messages sent between employees?

Yes..possible..but you need to request about that custom work on icanstudioz@gmail.com

Very intriguing product. I’m thinking about buying it.. Can you make the Time Track Report total the hours at the end of the report?

Thanks for your interest. let’s contact on skype. our skype is : icanstudioz.


Hello mate. I love your work, Have being looking for something similar to this.

I want you design the same concept for me with some adjustment and add-ons. or we can just use your and make some minor changes.

Please need a response urgently to move forward with this. It a very exiting one and i will be happy to work with you. Let me know ASAP if you are free for the this.

In the mean time i will be drafting my request. Thanks

Contact us on skype or our mail at icanstudioz@gmail.com and skype is icanstudioz.


i would like to buy the system can you customize it to have module for performance evaluation


Thanks for your interest in our script.For customization please contact us on skype.Our skypr id is icanstudioz.


it needs realtime statics

Mean?Please describe in brief.

i want to buy this script but the dashboard is not complete all the realtime statics should be there or maybe they are but it looks not complete like the other style is better if you see any dashboard theme here in themforest you will see there are many options like graphic statics instead of just the icon and number, then a lot of widgets and chat and many more, this script is very good but ill wait for next update to buy it



i try the demo, its error.

Yes..due to our server…It’ll start again with in 24 hours

It not working find a solution????

sorry? didn’t get you..

Why ur themes credentials are not working well… its shows token missmatch error…. http://codecanyon.net/item/officeemployeetask-management-script-in-laravel-50/14542143

Its an server error.We are working on it.Please be patience.


hello, this system handles some kind of inventory? You could asigarnel inventory to each employee, and to print a report that inventory is assigned to each employee?

Sorry? didn’t get your point.Write some proper way.


Login credentials not working.

Please check again..i checked and it’s working..


I have a Consulting Company, one of the services that we provide is the Drug Testing / Test toxicological.

The Company hires us to perform a test in their company, but before we going to the refeir company, are sent to us is a list of employees. One or Two names/numbers will be the “one” tested.

We need a tool / system that makes a random lottery of these name or number.

It is something relatively simple, but I need this to be auditable. In order to keep a record for future reference.

Will be great to have a system where we can record/manage a lot of companys and their employess. Is possible to customize?

Thanks a lot


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hellow ? can u re-upload the file ? and document to install the project—“


dyas95 Purchased

bad seller

We already told you..file is perfect..cause its verified by codecanyon authors.so please test it your side.


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An error occured when extracting files!

I can’t install it either!!! Good looking script, but not working!

I want a refund


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I’ve been struggling all day with this….

Hello. I have installed script. It wrote me Everything done ok. delete install folder. and gave me admin user pass. but I can not go tu dashboard. http://donatsurogacy.info/Admin


Don’t worry.can you please contact us on skype?Our skype id is icanstudioz.



We want to customize or develop a small small with Admin Area & member area.

Purpose: Company they have shareholders. around 500+. company transfer and make payment(shares money) to member every year.

Admin Area Features Required: ( RTL + Arabic Languages + good looking font like NEO SANS ARABIC REGULAR )

1- Admin Dashboard shows total number of members. recent transaction. 2- Add member. edit member. edit member details. 3- Export report to excel. pdf etc.

Member Area features required: ( RTL + Arabic Languages + good looking font like NEO SANS ARABIC REGULAR )

1- Member Dashboard shows his details, like = recent payment, his profile, his documents. edit and add features. 2- Member registration form, with uploading the documents. 3- Add his family, like, dad, mom, son, daughter, wife, etc.. 4- Export report to excel, pdf, etc.

please quote us reasonable price for this small script.

Our Hosting Platform is Linux.

awaiting your urgent response, we want to start this project urgently now.

Shafiq Ur Rehman email : shaafiqrehman@gmail.com mob: 00966 50 9064163

hey where can i see how the task manager work? it’s not possible to see that on the demo version


Please check demo link which is on description.There is all features.


hi, you can give me a tutorial to install this product?

0ae162cb-e5f5-4878-a2d0-5c93846b156f – 22 Dec 2016 REGULAR LICENSE

You can find documentation in your server

Here is the path : public/documentation/

Does anyone explain me it? “Use in an end product that’s sold”