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Hi please fix demo link thanks

Thanks alot , do i need to change all png , img ?

yes, you have to change graphics.

Nice game , good luck !

thank you

Hi , i have a problem here , after setting my attributes in the PT.settings.xml nothing have been chaned !! i need help to fix that .

check your email.

Ok , thank’s problem fixed

Hi, would it be possible to import this project into Android Studio with relative ease?

No full source code ? how i can add my adsense in this game ? where i can apport modification in java files ?

I didn’t found source code in the files !

If no source code please refund me. I bought your game because i tought that it have source code.

I have clearly mentioned that this is eclipse code.

How I Get The Lisence Key..???? ...in PTModelGeneralSettings.0.attributes.xml ??

check you email.

oke ..thanks

Can I use this on AndroidStudio? If not how can I setup Eclipse for android?

Can you send me psd file of image asset

I also need a guide to get licensekey in PTModelGeneralSettings.0.attributes.xml

pre-order question: Can I custom the source code or integrate rewarded video from 3rd party?