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is there an easy way to overlay the countdown on an image like you have for the screenshot on the item details page (and your infographic)?

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First of all thanks for showing interest in our plugin and we are assuring you that it is going to be very useful for you.

Now, we come to your concern, you want to glue an overlay image behind counter. right? So, it is quite simple even a cinch, you just need to upload overlay-ed image. simple.

Hope you got my words.

Do not hesitate to ask further queries in case of any confusion. Cheers!

Will be possible to show the counter on the products/category/shop/catalogue page(s)?


Yes, it is possible to show the counter in every page.

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I am not taking out just the pages. I am asking if it will be possible to show them like http://vinicia.althemist.com/shop-4-cols/


Ok, we have got your concern.

For kind information our plugin shows countdown only on page instead of individual products/category.

Hope you understand..

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Hello, I purchased this plugin but it is not showing correctly on my site…is there someone who I can email about this?

please email wpfruits@gmail.com with details

Hi, can I use this for recurring timers? I want to achieve amazon-style countdown: “Want it by Wednesday? Order in the next 48 minutes.”

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Thanks for showing interest in our plugin.

FYI recurring timer feature is not available in this plugin. BTW its nice suggestion we may consider this for next plugin update.

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How do i change the color of the font in the timer?

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Please put Below CSS Code

.ClassyCountdown-value{color:#fff !important;}

inside Dashboard -> OfferTimer -> Custom CSS.

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Hello A client has requested a countdown timer that counts down to the last day of every month. Would that be possible with this plugin? Thanks Ben

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Yes, it is possible the countdown timer counts down the last day of every month, but you have set expiry date and time for every month ( last date of month ) then the countdown timer count downs upto last day of month.

Hope you are getting my words.

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Your demo site is broken http://demo.sketchthemes.com/events-products-offers-countdown-timer-pro/product/woo-album-1/

Also, you should consider adding an evergreen option

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The demo is working now.

Can you please elaborate about an evergreen option, actually we are not getting it properly.

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How do i change the CIRCLE COLORS for widget through css?

Advise- You should probably add some more features like color picker in widget area. I had to go through php file to change the color of text because i didn’t find the class names in documentation.

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Thanks for the suggestion, we will think about it in the future update. FYI circles of the widget are created by the canvas so you can not write CSS for it.

We have to customize that according to your need, please send your requirements to profile contact form

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Amazing Work

Thank You :)

Hello there. Does the plugin work with the latest version of WP? I have a client who bought it and the only option we see is “Show Offer Bar”. Please advise.

Hello craycrayweb,

Please update the plugin to the latest version, it will compatible with the WordPress 4.8.

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Will do. Thank you.

The site’s theme uses Visual Composer and the only way to add a shortcode is through the Shortcode Mapper. I’ve tried that but then the timer always shows 0 0 0 0. Are you aware of any compatibility issue with Visual Composer, please?

Hi, not sure from your description. Does the timer offer evergreen campaign, so when it passes for a specific user it will direct it to a new page?


can I add more than one in events ? and write orginal dates up of every events? ?

What is this? Chonminner in Demo page? really?

This is just not works for me, please give a refund. Thanks


Please let me know the issue you are facing, I have testing the plugin with latest wordpress and it is working fine.

Please share your wordpress details at support@wpfruits.com we will resolve the issue asap.

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Can this plugin have a timer set to Media?

I have a website that I upload Documents onto and would like to add a Timer to the Documents if the document should have 24 Hours, I can set it with this plugin and if the timer runs out it changes status or makes the Media (Document) expired? (Not delete, just text that says it is expired?