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Hello , I have a question about your plugin. Do we need to add backlinks on admin page ? Or your plugin find automatic backlinks ? If you make something automatic , It will be great. Thanks

Hi, you need to insert gained backlinks manually. I can imagine they could be found automatically using ahrefs or majestic API, but it might take a while for these services to index these new backlinks.

But good idea, thank you for tip!:)

Regards, Jacob

Great ideas in this plugin! One thing I noticed is that it shows you do not support this plugin: Included: Quality checked by Envato Included: Future updates Not included: wpressme does not support this item

If you have a third party supporting you it should be mentioned somewhere or your sales may suffer.

Best of luck!

Hi. I see, I need to make it right! Thank you!

Hi! Do working this plugin with russian language keywords?

Hello, it should, however I have not tested it. You can test it on trial version: https://wordpress.org/plugins/off-page-seo/ and let me know :)

If it doesn’t, I will do my best do make it work.

Regards, Jacob

Sorry for the newbie question, but am I able to edit this plugin to rebrand it and sell it as my own product? And if I buy the extra 12 months of support, what happens after those 12 months are over? Will I be notified and offered a chance to purchase additional support? Thanks.

Hello, unfortunately, you can’t sell it as your product. Nobody want to spend months of development and wait for someone to steal his product. After 12 months, we are not obligated to solve any reported bugs.

Regards, Jacob

Trev, contact me on info@offpageseoplugin.com please.

Yandex will work with?

Noup, only google. Jacob

Hi is this multisite wordpress compatible?

Hi Jhonson, yes, it is. I am using it primary on multisite. It has separate settings for each blog.


Hello, I like the idea of this plugin. only question how much resources it will use. there are run a lot plugins on my site and I have 5000 pages … so I always a little bit nervous to lost performance with another plugin I want but not really need ;-) is it possible to set the time maybe in night, when the processes run?

Hello, its a good idea to set prefered rank report time!

It really depends on what you will be using in this plugin – social share tool could consume a bit more resources as it checks the social shares for posts when they are viewed by the readers.

But Rank Report is fine, in terms of resources – it runs once every three days.


thats a bummer you guys dont wanna add support. You can sell it very well on JVZoo.

We do provide support, don’t we? We are improving codebase and we are ready to fix any bugs that might occur. Thanks for JVZoo tip.

i dont know much about about seo . can you please tell me how your plugin works for me and right now i am using yoast seo premium

so basically its just use for taking datas . is this work for better seo automatically?

no, you need to make an effort to get a new backlinks, but you can track its influence on ranking… and make notes about gained backlinks… its the core, basically

Off page SEO is not done automatically .. and if so, it can only harm you

Can you please explain the backlink opportunities that your plugin offers? Does this plugin find a list of places where I might be able to backlink using my specified keywords? It is the feature I am most interested in. Can you please further explain? Thank you!

Hi, it just provides couple ideas how to get a new backlinks using advanced Google search queries. It does not provide you specific websites yet. However we have this in mind for a while.


can this be used with the yoast seo plugin or will conflict with it?

Hi, you can use it with any plugin. Yoast included. It has a different functionality.

Regards, Jakub

Great, Just I need to know more about this, does it improve any seo, or it is just for reporting purposes only, what i am looking for is to improve back-linking for seo purposes, does it do any backlink jobs? or just give reports about backlinks?

It does not do automatic link building. That is something that could really harm you and I don’t recommend to doing that at all. It just gives you a reports.


‘We are sorry, this feature is available in premium version only. Upgrade.’ Why is show this line. althought I bought

Please let me know on email info@offpageseoplugin.com or follow this guide how to activate: http://www.offpageseoplugin.com/activate-premium/

Thank you!

Hello, I followed the footsteps of http://www.offpageseoplugin.com/activate-premium/, but I can not activate the premium version 2.2.22. It’s frustrating.

Hello, can you please send me an email at info@offpageseoplugin.com and we will solve it?

Thanks you Jakub

Hello, already runs the plugin. The error is if I install the plugin from “All files & documentation”. This is version 2.2.0.

If I install the plugin from “Wordpress installable file only”, it works correctly. Here it is the pro version 2.2.22.

Thanks for your interest.

Hi would that work for french keywords also? Thanks,


Hi, sure, it will work on French keywords too. You just need to change Google domain in Settings.

Regards, Jakub

This item looks really good. I like it.

Thank you! :)

Hello add-on is very nice Update coming?

Hello, I am not sure what you mean? Thank you for clarification.

Is it possible that once activated and once you added some keywords to a page then the visual composer stops working. Can somebody check on her/his end if it works fine with your visual composer?

Hi Nehalem, sorry for the late response. I have just tested with the latest version of VC and it is working fine. What version are you running? For the prompt response, please contact me at info@offpageseoplugin.com. Thank you!

Whether the Regular License of Off Page SEO plugin can be used more than one website

hi, backlinks will created automatically or I have to create manually.