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Nice work GLWS :)

Thanks you very much.

any demo on a mobile phone? I would want to test hands on not on video

that’s what I am trying to tell… it’s only a video. until I can test the real demo on a device I cannot proceed with the purchase…

I’m sorry, I don’t have windows hosting to run my item. Please see my video for more detail with mobile phone. Thanks

netkomm project it worked and best support, i buy from octopuscodes ( other project)

please update CRUD item products and category ,images in project thank


I will updates and send you new version about it. Thanks for your comments.

Regards, Kevin


Friend, you do a version for mobile? with use of apis so to pull what you can be.

Yes, you can use APIs replace Entity Framework to do

Do you have the project for mobile? Android studio, phonegap or ionic framework, this is what I mean, linked in this web application with asp

Hello, At this time, I don’t have mobile app

Hi Octopus Codes, Can you able to provide the code in ASP.NET WebForms instead of MVC please? Thanks!

Hello SMlookingforu,

Thanks for buying my item. At this time, I didn't use Web Form in my item but I can do this if you pay for me. My email is codeprogramminglanguages@gmail.com. You can send to me your requirements and we can discuss with more details. Thanks

Regards, Tri

Will you provide source code of this item. I would like to integrate other payment gateway

Hello mari616,

I will give you full source code and database as my demo. Thanks

Regards, Kevin

Great Plugin!! best of your sale

Thanks you very much.

hi , is this pluging have sln and code source for future updates

Hello barigo,

I will give full source code and database when you buy my code. Thanks

Regards, Kevin

I purchased your software “octopuscodes-shopping-cart-with-paypal-payment” which is built in ASP.NET under purchase code: 35eb406a-679e-4998-8874-daefd107208a on dated 12 Nov 2016. I don’t have any issue with “OctopusCodesShoppingCartPaypal.Core” and “OctopusCodesShoppingCartPaypal.Models”. But I have issue with “OctopusCodes.App”. I tried to implement “OctopusCodes.App” in my own software but I couldn’t succeed. I request you to make a short demo to implementing Dlls and other files like Web.config, BundleConfig, Startup.Auth, Global.asax etc; in “OctopusCodes.App”. I am waiting your response.

Hello touqeer847,

Please explain for me detail about problems that you meet when you use my code. Thanks

Regards, Kevin

Hi I tried to add another field in the the Models solution. After compiling it says that the entitycontext is not found. The NUgetPackage is added but it still not compiling. Which one did you use?

I tried this. but this one cannot be found: public partial class EntityContext : DbContext{...} The error comes here: private readonly EntityContext _context; private const string EntityNotFound = “Data object is not found”; public RepositoryBase(EntityContext context)

Okay I found the issue. After opening the Project the Container Name was changed to the Projectsname. I had to rename it to the EntityContext in the Properties!

Hello Timmey, When you have any problems when use my code. Please let me know. Thanks you very much. Regards, Kevin

can i change the code if we need to add new module? thank you

Hello fullmetal_alchemist,

I hope you will buy my code. You can change anywhere in my code to add your modules. Thanks

Regards, Kevin

I want to get your code but only one product images or unlimited? Thanks

You can add unlimited product images

thanks ı buying

you use c# in project

Yes, I used C# in my project. Thanks

I need to change the code and add some pages to this product,can i do this after buy it

Please give me your requirements that you need changes, I will tell you my price but please buy my code before. Thanks

I will buy it but why i can’t modify the code after buy it????


You can change anywhere in my code after you buy. I will share all source code and database to you.

Regards, Kevin


I just bought the widget however I phase some problems during the installation process. I change all the database endpoints. The error that VS2015 and 2017 gave me is “An exception of type ‘System.Data.Entity.Core.EntityException’ occurred in EntityFramework.SqlServer.dll but was not handled in user code”

I don’t use any username or password to my local MSSQL server, however i use default pass and username and i get Login failed for user ’’.”

If you use express sql server, you should use put full server name in connection string. I also suggest you use sa account for connect

Do you know to to use Entity Framework connect to database. I will connect to your computer to check problem

3d160341-729e-4d3d-a44e-411a6d053100 – 19 Sep 2017 REGULAR LICENSE

Hey, Wondering how to setup the paypal payments or redirect? Is it something i need to go get from paypal and implement into the sln? Thanks

Can you change paypal configuration in setting?

I don’t see a paypal configuration in the config files.

Hello, You can change paypal configuration in setting of admin panel. Thanks

Hi, my dev fmwk it’s C# and VS 2013/2015 and SQL Server 2008/2012. Your product it’s fully native c#? I need a mobile version of shopping cart with full resize. Thank you and best regards for pre-sale support.


Nice to meet you. I will give you full source code and database after you buy my code. My code is using responsive for displaying. Thanks

Thanks for quickly response. The code it’s write on a separate DLL? it’s a Front End and backend database structure? You design the application with a database layer structure? Thanks

I will give source code is c# source and others. I don’t use Front End and backend database structure

Hi, I’m interested in buying your product. Do you have a working website as demo? no the video. Thanks

Hello noman1991, Nice to meet you. I only video demo for my code but I’m sure my code will run as video demo. I will give your full source code and database after you buy. Thanks you

Are you using paypal in an iframe? or redirect customers directly to paypal site?

No, I redirect to paypal