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There seems to be an error in this product. When there are many items in the Selectbox, there is no scrollbar on the right side of the selectbox. I have around 50 items, and i cannot scroll down. Did i miss something ?


Thanks for the feedback. I have tried the oCombo with 120 items after your message. I can see all the items in the combobox. Nothing seems to be wrong. Your problem might occur because of the allignments in the html file. I may help you if you send me the html file that you are experiencing with. Send me an email. Thanks again…


Bought your pack today .. tested .. running well in my Rails dev.. However I am stopped on 2 points : - I tried to change the font size, using fontSize: ‘23’ as a parameter … nothing change

- what your advise to display the combo with an already selected item ( i.e. fish1) and not having emptyText parameter…

thanks for your help Hope you’ll deliver other good stuff like that !!

Done, thanks…

Your script is working perfectly as a drop down… I have a need to have it go to a URL (index value) onChange but having the worst time locating where to modify your js to accomplish that… can you give me a quick pointer?


hey phousley; try to add your code after line 147 (selectedItem.focus(); ). And sorry for the latency. I was away from the computer.

actually I just remembered that there is a setting for handling onchange event. you may try it. like this change: function(){ window.location = ‘http://www.codecanyon.net'; }

See the help file for more info.


The width for the combobox is different for every browser. I want 3 combobox and 2 divs after each other. Is this possible?

Thank you for your help.

Sorry for the latency, Can you send me an email with detailed information. Do you want the divs and comboboxes vertical or horizontal? Also an online demonstration link of the problem would be perfect.

I have a question. Is is possible to use this plugin, to create a combobox like the ones of the demo, but without using inline images, but using a single sprite, and modify the inline css generated, so that the background position changes depending on the chosen element? Cool plugin, but if you use a lot of icons…the http requests lower the loading process of the page.

Hi freese, Actually it’s not possible to use a single sprite for the images in the combo. It’s a great suggestion, however a little hard to implement with the existing code. Keep in mind this if you like to purchase and implement yourself.


I want to buy your script but i´d like to solve some questions before.

I need a image List/Menu to act like a usual form item, so i need to pass the value selected on the combo to another page using “Request.form”, ex.:

<select name="myList" id="myList"> <option value="1">One</option> <option value="2">Two</option> <option value="3">Three</option> </select>


result = request.form("myList")

And Then


This should return the value selected on the image combo page.

Can you tell me if this will work with your script or i need to find another way to pass the values selected on the image combos ?


Yes that’s what oCombo does :)

I have just purchased the script and did not work as i expected. The listbox value did not appear on the result page.

I believe i did something wrong because there is no point to use a combo box just to see the itens, instead select them.

Can you help me out ?

Send me the code via mail. I will try understand what’s wrong.

Thanks for the respose. I believe i found the problem, to get the list value i need to insert this line, right ?

document.getElementById(‘form_id’).value = $(this).val();

But this works only on FireFox, on Internet Explorer the result is Empty.

Can you help me ?

I just figure it out how to make things works. It looks this is a IE8 issue while using append() function in JQuery, just had to make some minor changes on jQuery Script .

Now it works on IE8 too.

I don’t want a text to appear with the images.

I removed the text. <option value="1" title="demoFiles/images/32/drink.png"></option>

However it leaves a gap next to the image where the text would have gone. This is repeated when you click on the arrow: it displays a gap where the text would have gone.

Can you advise.

Hi, Actually in order to use oCombo without text, I have to make some changes in JS file. I am currently working on it, send me an empty email so I can mail you the new JS file.

I need to add an specific link to each options. And i need that one of that options has to be pre-selected instead of “Select One”. Can you help me?

Hi mario, I’ve implemented the initially selected option. If you reach me by my email I can send you the updated files and give information about how to change the script for links.

Hi, one quick question. Can select box have predefined value? Like in standard select box: <option selected=”selected” ?

because it’s not clear from demo examples.

How do I get a scrollbar on this dropdown?

Very Nice Work:)