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Good Idea.

in 24 hr format ( left hand version )

The minute popup, isnt styled well and overflows to next line in FF4

Thanks, I will work on popup issue as soon as possible.


I’m your first purchaser :)

Can you send me the Photoshop file for the clock faces? I’m wanting to make a modification and it would prevent me from having to recreate it from scratch.


Actually I have used GIMP to create the faces, and default file format is xcf. GIMP can export them into psd but I don’t know if it would be done properly. I think best way is sending both xcf and exported psds, so you may convert the xcf files if psd files are broken, if it’s ok with you.

I’ve done a lot of research into the available timepickers and yours looks like it is the best.

At the same time, my research showed serious deficiencies, bugs and documentation failures with most of the more user-friendly timepickers. Typically, things work great in the demo, but the timepickers tend to fall apart in IE when included in a real application (strangely enough they work flawlessly in Firefox).

Given that I’d be paying for this item and that the fee is non-refundable, I’d like to know that it works as advertized. So I have a couple of questions:

- Is there a preview version that can be downloaded and tested before buying? (I suspect not, since this is css/javascript and I can’t think of a way to embed an “expiration” feature in the code).

- What kind of support do you provide to ensure that the timepicker will work in a real application in IE?

- If bugs/incompatibilities were found, would you work on fixing them quickly?

Hi, Thanks for the compliments. Your indications about the some timepickers are right. Thats why I test all my plugins in html files with different allignments.

As for your questions, There is not a downloadable version of the plugin to test. But you may use the script and css files in the demo page. Ofcourse it’s not the pure plugin, it has a lot more code lines in order to prove the plugin. But they are still working good. Thus you can use it on your application and see if it’s working in IE(For more information feel free to send me an email.) If you come up a bug with the plugin I try fix in one or max two days.

Hey creator of this … you call it “plugin”... i call it “plug outside”

This is not a jquery “PLUGIN” because:

a) it uses jquery LESS , b) because of this it has almoust no API , c) because of this you can’t set this puppy up. The only thing you can set up are 3 parameters, d) it has a BUG ! It’s cloning the whole clock for every click in the triggered input, because your code is not 100% jquery e) I payed for exact the same functionalities of the demo. The Only good thing is, that the code is readable, so I can fix your Issues! DAMN !

I WANT MY MONEY BACK ! There are thousands of BUGFREE plugins without any issue AND those are FREE !

I am on to refactor this whole code into a really jquery plugin.

I can’t recommend this plugin and I hate myself that I payed for this sh*.


Dear purchaser, Thanks for the comment. I actually dont understand what you mean by saying “it uses jquery LESS ”. But yes, I use pure js rather than jQuery for some operations, this is my choice. Also codecanyon reviewers recommend this for the performance issues. But if you be more clear on this issue (give an example from the code where and why need to be implemented by jQuery) I will be more careful later. For the api issue, those 3 settings should be enough for a timepicker. I try it to be very easy to use (because not all purcasers are js developers) and I don’t think anyone may need any more development. Maybe it’s my mistake. Again if you tell me what kind of functions you need that I miss, it will be appreciated. Thanks for reporting the bug. I just fixed and uploaded it. It may take some time to be reviewed by codecanyon. And finally do not refactor the code, if you send me your paypal adress I will send you your money back and want you to delete oClock.

Thanks again

Sorry for that rudeness. I will contact you.

way cool! would be perfect for me if i could get a 12 hr clock with only 00, 15, 30, 45 minute increments available to click on. Is it possible to edit that in ? If so, I would buy.

Thanks for the suggestion. It’s done. But wait for the approval. Mail me, so I can inform you when it’s accepted.

Any issues with WordPress? Does this product generate HTML or is this a php/js snippet?

I havn’t try oClock in wordpress. So I have no idea about it. But I dont think there will be an issue.

What I would like to see added is having the selected number visually show as current or active. This version does not show the time you have selected on the clock face. You must pay attention to what number you just clicked. If you walk away, you need to start over.

That is a great idea Mech. I will work on it as soon as possible.

can we create multiple instances of this clock on a single page showing time of different timezones

When you click the “Now” link it pickes the clients system time. So I dont think you can handle more than one timezones in a page.

Hi i just purchased the oClock good job by the way its very nice…. i am just curious how i change the textfield….once the script is applied to it it goes to the default…i tried to override it but impossible….do you have anything to suggest on how to do that?

thank you